A Short Love Note.

A Valentine for You--->http://www.bluemountain.com/view.pd?i=206698905&m=6065&source=bma992 (It might take a little bit to load...busy day, ya know.)
Hi everyone...finally. Sorry that I've not been blogging lately. (Pegody here)...been kinda down for awhile, so my creativity and silliness has been kind of dormant.
I finally got over that dreaded cold. It took awhile, tho. It seems everybody's got it in one form or the other and can't seem to shake it easily.
I should perk up once son Dan and his family shows up Tuesday night from western NY for Mardi Gras, then Cappy will be getting home on Thursday, AND one of Cappy's godson's, Patrick will be arriving on Friday. (Cappy is 'Parain' to three 'kids', Owen, Patrick, and one of his nieces, Treasure.)
Some rather unfortunate news: SparkyBear the Brat...the adventurer, has three compressed vertibrae and is in very much pain. We think he dove off the back of Cappy's recliner, where he loves to wait for us to come home. He ususally jumps down in the seat of the chair to 'dismount', but he might have just gotten so excited when he heard me pull into the driveway that he jumped off the back, wayyyyy down to the hard floor. He's really got short legs, and for him, that's a big unforgiving leap.
For the last week, I've been sleeping on the couch so I could be close to him, pet him and tend to him. He's been waking up and crying a lot, plus his back has been going into spasms. He's been to the vet's twice and he's on four medications. The dr. doesn't think he will need surgery, but he doesn't know how long it will be before he is well. I'm staggering around bleary-eyed for lack of sleep, taking care the poor little guy. And MarkyBear is bewildered becaue he doesn't know what's wrong with his brother. Boy! These dawgs and their rowdy 'snot-nosed little boy' injuries. Oh, they look all "shee shee froo froo", but they are like "crazy-nutzy" three year old little boys. Well, I do know one thing...we are NOT getting a cat...as much as these two dogs love "Kitty-kitties". (they see them at the vet's)

When Dan and the kids get here, we'll have to keep SparkyBear isolated so he doesn't re-injure himself in all the excitement. Of course, with all the medications, he might not even know that we have company.
I'm pretty sure you'll be hearing more about the Mardi Gras reverie (clean, family-style) and seeing pictures, as well in the coming weeks. Cappy has already written a story for you that I just need to illustrate and post.
Please, be well, happy, loved, and May God Bless you today, and always. Hey! Reach out and tell somebody you love them why don'tcha?? We Love you!!!