Where the Easter Ham Wound Up

  After all the hubbub of Easter was over, I had taken all the leftover ham off the bone and froze it for future plans.
  Well, it wasn't all that long before the future arrived, so I took it back outa the freezer, thawed it out and cut it into chunks, and all the while, da dawgs were on high alert for any goodies that might happen to fall in the short distance from the cutting board, to the stock pot.
(...and a'course a small chunk or two mighta accidentally dropped, makin' it worth their while.)
Then, I coarse chopped a couple yellow onions,
and threw them in the pot,
then added our own homemade Cajun Spice,
and some Crystal Hot Sauce.
I ferreted out a bag of dried white beans out of the cabinet.
Once I sorted through them and rinsed them, I covered the whole shebang with water and put it to simmering all afternoon.
Once they reached the point of being almost done,
Peggy went out in her herb garden and grabbed some parsley off of her big beloved parsley root.
Once she took the leaves off the stems and chopped them,
it went into the pot along with some of our chopped bell peppers from the freezer. Just like most everything I cook, I let this simmer along while the rice pot worked, doin' it's thing. When both were done, we put them together. Not too bad for a supper of leftovers.
Our frozen larder holds plenty of possibilities starring leftovers, so stay tuned for more future coming attractions featuring "Back to the Freezer".