As the song goes..."And so this is Christmas, and what have you (we) done?" Another year older and still havin' fun!
   Merry Christmas and hopes for a WONDERFUL, joyous New Year to you and your loved ones! And with that being said with heartfelt wishes, we give you this year's Christmas card:
  (One note first. We included a string of numbers and letters on the inside of our card for you to "Google". It may be long, but we felt it was worth it.
 --Someone let us know that when they typed it into their computer, it was said to not be working. [thank you, Mary] I think we have found the problem: what appears to be a zero is really an upper case "O". We tried it again, typing in an  upper case "O" and it works!
--The link will then take you to Youtube.
--The short video we'd like you to visit is the one at the top of the list.
--Click on it, relax and enjoy.
--We love you!!! Cappy and Peggy)