How Our Garden Grows 4-30-14

Being the last day of  April, I figure it's high time for a garden update.  We have been busy, and I won't go into details here but our little garden is still growing.  I'll start with the salad box.
Our 4x4 foot salad box is planted in a loose leaf salad mix that even though we eat salad almost every day we can't keep up with it.  We have begun clean harvesting it in order to move and replant the box garden.  This was our very first garden box 12 years ago.  We have decided to relocate it to make room for other projects.  One of the fun things about our yard is that we constantly change things.  The new box will be 4x6 and relocated.  We will let yall know how that goes when it goes.
The asparagus ferns are going great and they are truly beautiful when all silver and jeweled in the morning dew.  We pick 3 or 4 spears a day and they are either munched raw right out in the yard or get diced and added to our salads.
 Next comes the strawberry patch and its also bearing well.  We pick a double hand full of berries every day which is perfect for us.  We wait to pick them til fully ripe and amazing, and pass by several times a day snacking on their progress.
In our main garden which is 12x4 ft we planted 9 foot of it with 36 contender bush beans.  Back in mid February when we put the beans in the ground, everyone including us knew it was way too early to be planting.  We had to cover them up several times to protect them from frost and somehow we got very lucky.  We did lose our early planted cucumbers to frost but we replanted, and though they are still small and only now reaching the trellis we have for them, they are not late. 
I just finished picking the third batch of our bush beans and this is the bumper crop.  We plan to get 2 maybe 3 more pickings over the coming week then they get pulled up to make room for okra.  This pan is destined for the freezer for future feasts.
We have already gifted a neighbor with a big pan of plum cobbler and plan to get plum busy picking this weekend.
 Our yum yum tree smells peachy-licous and the nectarine type fruit are swelling and ripening currently ping pong ball sized 
 Sadly, the birdies seem to have made off with all our little pawpaw fruit while it was still very small.  There are very few remaining and we are truly disappointed.  Next year yall remind us to put birdie netting on them and maybe we will have fruit to show ya. This year we will be lucky to get 1 or 2.  That's gardening for you.  You need little disappointments like that to make your successes seem  all the sweeter.  


Happy Easter Yall

I have always wanted a big "Professor " Easter bunny.  Not only is he a big ole bunny he is sporting a book and as ya know by now I am an avid reader.

I must confess though, I was a little disappointed when I discovered the professor didn't quite measure up to the promise of his packaging.
 The not so big professor sure is cute though with his eyes down cast to his chocolaty book.  It didn't take me long to bob the lil fella's ears.
As the professor continues to grow shorter it is Peggy and my prayer that you have a safe, happy and most blessed Resurrection Day.  Below is a post Peggy wrote years ago inspired through prayer.  Take a minute to read it and reflect on the beautiful sentiment there in contained.