Cajun Country Boy Fishing Lessons, Cappy-Style

Several of the outdoor forums I read, as well as lots of Youtube videos I watch, all sing the same song.  They are mostly from young parents who long for the outdoor life they didn't get as a kid; folks who didn't have parents or grandparents to teach them the love for God's glorious nature.  Now that they are all "growed up" with small children of their own, they want to teach their kids how to fish, but don't have a clue how to go about it.  I see lots of pleas for help. After making a couple of trips to sporting good stores and striking out, having spent hundreds of dollars for over-priced store bought stuff, no wonder they get discouraged about fishing in general.  GI-Joe poles and Dora the Explorer tackle boxes full of gimmicky, flimsy tackle seldom works.  All it takes is a few simple lessons and a li'l common sense and anyone can catch fish.  "Think like a fish and ya will catch one".  If ya can teach a small child the joy of fishing, who knows how many lives you have affected?  If the kid grows up spending time on a bayou bank instead of a city street, think of the possibilities.
   With this in mind, I have decided to start a series of videos and slideshows showing fishing lessons much like I was taught by my ancesters.  I plan for them to be short ,very simple and start at the basics, slowly working up to more complex fishing. 
 My very first video is: Catfishing Lesson #1 "Handlines", below.  (Please let me know what yall think as I attempt to teach someone how to love the simple pleasure of fishing.)