Dat Waskely Wabbit

The Easter Bunny knowing full well that he could never find us on the boat at the end of the world, as well if he did, he'd prolly get ett, dispatched my beloved wife, best friend and all around play mate Peggy to bring us poor boat trash some Easter goodies.she set sail in the SUV with 2 bunny rabbits in white fuzzy doggy costumes and a car load of Easter goodies last night.  Took her 2 and a half hours to get to us and she didn't make it home till well after midnight, but in our minds it was well worth it to see the faces of my crew when they saw this:

It is my sencere wish that you have a wonderful Resurrection day and the Easter Bunny finds you too.  Don't wory bout Peg she has a ham in the oven and company on the way.  Not to mention the crew on the boat who is very happy and apreciates this wonderful act of kindness.


Fresh From The Mississippi Delta

Fresh pic 'ed from the River delta for your viewing pleasure is a ship heading into a beautiful sunset.  I took this last night as i came down one of the passes.  The sun is setting over the river as seen from across a marsh.  Hope yall enjoy it as much as I did.  The picture doesn't begin to do the incredible view justice