Pelicans Progress

In winter months when we cross shallow lakes and bays, our propellers ('wheels', in tug-boat lingo) stir up muddy water, which brings to the surface small fishys and 'stuff' as we dig our way along. This attracts the usual crowd of seagulls who follow along behind us, catching any 'goodies' that we wash up in our "wheel wash". In Lake Verret, the local white pelican population has learned the same trick. They follow along in our wake, floating in the turbulance, snacking on goodies. As we continue our trek, we slowly leave them behind, so, after awhile they take wing, fly after us, right up to the stern (the back) of the boat, land and repeat the cycle again and again as we move along. The white pelicans are beautiful in flight, graceful, stately and truly a joy to behold. Their landings, however, are tricky, due to their large wing-span and well..., graceful flights end in comical touchdowns. In this series of pictures, I attempt to show you their typical landing. The pictures ain't necessarily the same bird; just pictures representing a typical pelican approach and landing. I hope ya enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy taking them. For more info. about white pelicans click : http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/id/framlst/i1250id.html ...and for more picture of the Pelicans playing in the wheel-wash, click the underlined title of this post to be brought to an album in Yahoo photos. Just click "slide show", sit back and enjoy.


Spring Square Foot Garden

Peg and I rustled up our sleeves and plowed and planted the "South 48". 48 sq. ft. that is. Our little garden may be small but those of you who have been long time readers of this lil tome know how amazingly prolific it can be. We use square foot gardening techniques which we have adapted to our lil raised garden bed. We plant things densely, water with Miricle Grow, and just sorta stand back and watch it grow. It's very low maintenance once it gets going requiring very little weeding. Just keep reading and as the next few months go by you will be amazed at the stuff we harvest outa that lil patch of dirt. It's been so succesful, we've even noticed some of the neighbors attempting to copy our gardening methods.

Ever Get Dat Feelin' Someone's Lookin' at Ya From Behind?

One day this big ole owl flew down and landed on our barge. It was mid-day, so this was very unusual, 'cause ya only usually see these guys at night. Well, I was enjoying watchin' him as he sat there riding down the bayou with us. I called to the crew downstairs to come see him, too. We watched him sit there for several minutes with his back to us, but after a while I guess he started gettin "that creepy feelin" and slowly turned, like only owls can do, and looked right back at us watchin' him. After seein' it was just us sailors gawkin' at him, he slowly turned back and looked ahead again. He sat there for several minutes before flying away seeming unimpressed by his audience, who by the way were thrilled that he came to visit.

Cappy has returned :-D

It was a long boat ride for sure. Ten weeks to be exact. Das a long time to be away from my Baby, but Thank God it's over. I got home Thursday and the last few days have been like a long, deep sigh, relaxin' unwindin and reveling in the company of my sweet Pegody. We have been busy doing lil things 'round da house in preperation for our visit from our dear friends, Mr. Ed and Jean Radigan. They are dear friends of Pegody from Ny State and I have come to love 'em as much as she does. They are wonderful folks and we cant wait to see them again. Lots of stuff going on now that the, errrrrrr honeymoon is over, well not over but..... ya know what I mean.... less intense?? Anyways, lots of yard work, and the carpenters are comin' to do the bedroom etc.
I took some nice pictures while on the boat. I mean, ' stands to reason that in 10 weeks I'da found sometnin' to point my camera at:-)
Well, more to come later; I plan to post lots of short lil comments in the coming week. Das more my style anyways; short and sweet. Unlike 'certain Pegody's' lengthy ramblings:-P Well, better close for now 'fore I'm accused of "ramblin' on" myself. CAPPY


Resurrection Day

I've been running around, trying to get ready for Cappy's homecoming after two whole months, and getting things done in preparation for Mr. Ed and Jean's visit. I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it all together by Thursday; painting, planting, pruning, purchasing, planning, and, practicing my music. (Our group will play for the nine o'clock A.M. Easter service.) In the midst of all the rushing, I made certain one thing I concentrated on, above all, was Peace. I'd never, until this year, spent the forty days of the Lenten Season in daily quiet, thoughtfully considering each day in the Life of the Lord that led up to what we call Easter Sunday.
During this season, too, I think of my beloved mother. I'm still shocked that she'd be 80 this year. Not my Mom...she was always so young. I'm still shocked that she's GONE. How can that be?? My Dad, too. My oldest son.My Grandma. Cappy's Dad, who was his best friend and only true ally in this world, as my Mom was with me.I really, really want to see them again. I long to see them now.

When I was in lonely pain awhile ago, I wrote this to the Lord:

We think of this time...when your badly bruised body was taken down from the rough cross, and you were placed in isolaton inside the dark tomb. The jeering crowds were gone, the sound of whips and tormenting howls were silent. In the darkness was no sound of breathing. As when you were born bloodied, you were planted, once again bloodied...a Naked Seed planted in the earth.
I reflect on times of having to give You, Lord, those that I love, and trust in Your Wisdom, as they, too, were placed back in the soil from whence they came. When all the fervent prayers seemed to go unanswered, when all the medical equipment and staff had stopped, after the mourners had gone home, and I, too, my retching sobs now quiet, had to leave them; my son, parents, grandparents and friends, each alone in their cold silent tombs.
I think of a particular seed that I like to plant each year. Before I can plant it, I have to take a sharp knife and score the skin of it, cutting into it's flesh. For all intents and purposes, it appears dead, a useless off-cast of some thing, not resembling anything of consequence, really. But because of someting akin to faith, I plant it, hoping for something more glorious.
Dear Lord, we know not much about the mysteries that take place in the deep silent places. We know that God's Hand is working at those times. Babies are born after growing in the silent places. Morning Glories arise up out of the soil after spending time in the silent places. You, Lord, rose up Victorious from Death; and from knowing that, which breeds Faith in the deep silent places in our hearts, we trust in You, that not only will our loved ones be changed and raised more beautiful than ever, so shall we.
Faith is like a whisper...


Da Cher Bebe

Dan and Jennifer just emailed us pictures of their trip to the hospital to get the new baby, Chase Steven. They had the baby Thursday morning, but they didn't get to go home til Sunday. We are just so happy that all is well now. Chase's big sister, Melinda is taking care of her mother. Dan went out and bought Melinda a nurse's scrub with a name tag, because she was doing such a great job. (We need a picture of that, Dad.)

It was quite an ordeal, but well worth it. Grandpa and I can hardly wait to see our newest grandbaby. Down here in Louisiana, when viewing something precious, the phrase most often uttered is, "Cher Bebe!" (which sounds like a cooing, "Sha Beh-Bayyyy".) ...that loosely means 'cherished baby'.
P.S. By the looks of the outfit, it appears Grandpa has a new fishing partner. A fishing hat and bib overalls. Looks pretty Cajun to us. :-D