Oh, I'm Working on it >:-(

I know I've posted this 'cartoon' before. Well, I'm postin' it again. It's been nearly two weeks since the Chicken show, and I've been trying and trying to make a simple slideshow. Behind the scenes here, there's a 'smackdown' going on between you know who and you know what. I'll letcha know who 'wins' when I win. Until then, I'm going to shut 'er down for now, go for a ride to Thibodaux, take a break and try to calm down. Cappy keeps insisting I'm pushing the wrong buttons. I say the computer is pushing my buttons.


Where O Where Are They Tonight?

So...these two got an idea...a 'plan' if you will...
Since Mr. Ed is most likely way far away at home in western NY by now, and Cappy is out on the boat, I guess it's safe to post this video I promised you.
A little background: Mr. Ed was, by trade, a chemist, but by hobby, an entertainer. He's played everywhere with his guitar. He's got about a thousand of the silliest, craziest songs which he embellishes with wacky sound effects and his kazoo. I remember when we went to Dan's house for an outdoor cookout, and the family teenagers were there, rolling their eyes and most everything that came out of their mouths was the usual youthful sarcasms and opinions about everything they knew nothing about. Typical, but I digress. When Mr. Ed pulled out his guitar, they started snickering in derision, but by the time he had played about five songs, they were like little kids hanging all over him, arms draped over his shoulders and wanting to get their picture with him. "He's a pretty cool ol' dude".
I met Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean at our church and played in the church choir band with him and about a dozen other musicians. I played with other Christian 'Rock' groups, too, but the most fun I had was when I played at church standing next to Mr. Ed. When a song was really lively, we'd be standing there 'bopping' and 'rocking' in synch to the beat with our 'axes'...his guitar, my accordian. Some people might think that church music has to be straight-laced and oh lawdy, don't let it get too much of a beat to it...that's disrespectful! I think there's room for both. And I can and have done both. Even in the days of the early Bible The Lord called for the people to dance. So I danced with my accordian before the Lord and Joy'd in Him and always had a wonderful time. O o...have I gone to preachin'??? (sorry 'bout that) Wellllll, anywaze...that's how I know Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean. Good friends.
Well, who knew when they came down to visit me, Mr. Ed and Cappy would hit it off like a couple of school boys. (And now, they both have a lot of just-as-crazy friends in our town, such as Sam, Skip, Todd, Stephen, Bebe`...ohhhh, I know I've left somebody out...hmmmm?)
The last night Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean were here, we sat around a campfire, singing along with Mr. Ed, who was playing on Cappy's mother's antique Sears and Roebuck guitar, as 'the boys' "toasted" one another. And they toasted a lot, that night. ...this video is the result of that:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-943xyHhZH4


A Mouthful for Mr. Ed

Our good friend, Sam is holding (drooling here) some wonderful Boudin that he smoked last week when Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean were here. The last time they came down, Mr. Ed got hooked on the wonderful meaty, ricey, spicey "sausage", and has lusted after it ever since. Cappy and Sam got a bunch of good ol' boys together in Sam's workshop and taught Mr. Ed how to make it, while Mrs. Jean and I visited with Sam's wife, Louise.
As if making the boudin wasn't enough, Sam smoked (drooling here again) the most delectable pork chops, beef jerky, some kind of fish(?) sausage, chicken...it's all incredible stuff, people! That's why I call him Suh-mokin' Sam. He made his smoker out of plywood...whodda thunk?? Cooking in a wooden box. All's I know is, it's darned good stuff the man's makin' over there.
Mr. Ed had a hard time wrapping his tongue around the correct pronounciation of Boudin, tho. As with a lot of the French words down here in South Louisiana, the "n" on the end of a word is not pronounced. Boudin sounds like, "Boo-Dahh" (as in Dad), with the emphasis on"Dahh", and it being said through the nose. I had to laugh because we confused the poor man even more. There was a store in the neighborhood called "Bodin", which sounded like "bo-dahh", but it recently closed. We kept mistakenly calling the new store by that name, throwing Mr. Ed off, whenever he went to say, "Boudin". "Boo-dahh...Boe-dahhh". He finally got it into his head that to say it correctly, he needed to growl the "dahh". The guys at Sam's had a blast 'pickin' at him, but Cappy said, it was just like Mr. Ed to "give as good as he got". And they in turn gave him the nickname Winchester, instead of Rochester, NY, where he's from. Well, he just had a blast that day and came home with an armload and belly load of his beloved Boudin. Here's the slideshow over at YouTube. I fear it's being there may be tenuous, as I also included music, which, although we PAID for our CD's, they still deem it wrong somehow, so paralyze our productions. (or some of 'em anyhow) So...I say, "see it whilst ye may".

Mr. Ed & Mrs. Jean's Whirlwind Visit 2009 video

We had such a fine time with Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean, and wish we could have taken more pictures and videos of the whole time they were here. Alas, we couldn't have, so we'll have to be content with what we have. Here is a short video of their whirlwind visit with us. I can't seem to find any pictures of us all when we visited the Gulf of Mexico. I know I took pictures, but dang if I can find 'em. Nontheless, we all had a blast. Road tripping, egg dying, another video of Mr. Ed making boudin is forthcoming, friends of theirs and ours, John and Donna coming to visit, Easter Sunday with Cappy's sister Maria and her family coming for a cookout, our friend, Melissa, Melan and little David stopping by and ...if I had time...oooh, just wait til you see what we are going to be putting on YouTube for yall. It all started one night with Mr. Ed and Cappy making a campfire in the yard, Mr. Ed tuning up Cappy's mother's old guitar, them sharing a few toasts and laughs...them both 'practicing' a song, and me being told not to tape it just yet. Til then here's this one; short and sweet.


Dying to Tell You.

Finally!! I got the video made...tah-dah! It's the one of us at Cappy's sister Maria's house teaching Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean how to dye eggs with cooking oil. This year's production is not as polished, just so you know in advance. I guess it might be a little lengthy, too; about 9 minutes or so. I never talk (anymore) while I'm taping, but I almost laughed when Cappy can be overheard, saying, "Only for YOU (me) would I dye an egg green", because he hates green. (It's my favorite color) He loves it in nature; he'd have to love it, being out in the swamps and bayous and woods all day, everyday. So, it's a dichotomy...he hates green, but he loves green, but only as God made it, not dyed, man-made green things.
I thought it was cute where Blythe, who just turned 10, examining her multi-colored egg, declared herself the new "Jackson Pollock", who was, of course, the famous artist, whom my Dad dubbed, "The Splatter Artist". Her Dad, Darryl, as you may recall, is an high school art teacher. For some reason Darryl wasn't there to participate in our egg-dying fiasco...he was sorely missed. Therefore, we proclaimed ourselves to be the winners this year and beat a hasty retreat.
Speaking of eggs, tho...I have much to tell about the 'chicken show' from yesterday. Am dying to tell you about the 'peeps' I met.
Meanwhile, here's the link to YouTube to see the purpose of this particular post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=En_rLcqr33w


2009 Serama Chicken Show

Although my house is still in major disarray, boxes scattered everywhere, etc. I wanted...needed a 'time out'. It was a toss up today as to whether I'd try to get that video out that I started last night or let you know what I did tonight. The chickens won. I got out of the house and 'helped' at the Serama Chicken Extravaganza 2009. I mostly just took pictures, handed out some fabulous Cajun corn and seafood soup to folks, ate some yummy crawfish, and visited with folks from up north and Holland and France who came to visit for the show, not to mention palled around with our friend, Susan aka Swag, and our 'peeps' from the town Forum. Tonight was just the warm-up; tomorrow is the big shindig. I'll report tomorrow and explain a little more about what it is.This is Mr. Jerry, the head of the whole shebang, making sure his guests are all having a good time. This is his wife, Mrs. Fay with their two daughters.I didn't get this young lady's name, but she sure knew how to peel and eat dem crawfish, which our friend, Todd cooked to spicey perfection!! Our buddies Sam and Stephen deep-fried some yummy catfish and alligator.

Cappy called from out on the boat to see how things were going, so Mr. Bebe` lifted a toast to him in absentia. The chickens are the real stars of the show, and the reason for the whole thing. The more I see these small beautiful chickens, the more I appreciate them, and especially their interaction with their owners. They have the sweetest personalities, like little pets, and I see that they do, indeed like to show off...they really do!

And I guess so do those silly 'chicks', "Swag and Pegody"...we be havin' fun, and plan on getting up early to go do it again tomorrow.



I've been trying for several hours tonight to make some kind of video...ANY kind of video of Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean's visit, especially the egg dying escapade over at Cappy's sister, Maria's house. (Unfortunately, that rematch between me and the computer movie-maker will have to wait until either tomorrow or Sunday.) Suffice it to say, we had fun. As a matter of fact, the whole week they were here was fun, despite the fact that we had no kitchen. I could take the time to relate the whole thing right now, but I'm tired and going to bed. Tomorrow, and I'm not sure at what time, I'm planning on helping with the town Forum's chicken show, and also on Saturday. I went last year and dubbed it "The Fowl Ball", cuz it was a hoot. This year I painted some chicken designs on three aprons for three of us "Chicks" to wear as we do whatever it is that we are going to find ourselves doing as volunteers.
Well, this is short and sweet, but Cappy left me with plenty of "Blog Fodder" for yall. First, I need Rest...good ol' fashioned Sleeeeeeep, and a crowbar for this Dell of a computer...but you've heard all that before. Til then, God Bless.

Yeah, the end result is always about the same...pretty^messy --> (Oh rats, now the Blog is fighting with me; BAW! G'nite)


The Flamingo Gag

For years now, I have (good-naturedly) picked at my "cross da street neighbor" about our yards. Theirs is always neat as a pin, well manicured and with grass looking like a lush green carpet. They spend many hours cutting, trimming, weeding, etc. and because if it, their yard always looks like some kind of Southern Living Magazine layout or something. While their place is looking so peaceful, and park-like lets just say that ours.... well.... just isn't.
My philosophy when it comes to my yard is, if its green why kill it. I don't care if it's clovers, or dollar weed, or 'dandylions', shucks, I like clover flowers; I say let 'em grow. When we cut our grass we will even leave patches of clover behind for the dogs to romp in. Let's just say, me and my neighbors have vastly different ideas 'bout yard care.

This brings me to the Flamingos. For years now, I have been threatening Sonia with a pair of big ole tacky pink flamingos. It has been a running joke between us for almost 20 years now. Can ya imagine how heart-broken I was a couple years back when I heard da flamingo people had gone out of business. It really broke my heart that they would never grace our tacky garden. Well yesterday while walking through Big Lots, what to my wondering eyes should appear...... ya guessed it, these fine 2 beauties. I 'most scared Peggy to death, with my loud squeal of delight. I have scoured the internet looking for these guys, but all I could find were faded second-hand ones for way too much money on Ebay. I almost drooled on them as I scurried a pair into our basket. The ride home seemed to take forever as I anticipated my next move.

I hurriedly stuck them right by the road, straight across from Sonia's kitchen window and awaited my just reward. There they stood this morning in all their tacky glory complete with a beer bottle and floppy hat to complete the effect.

Well, half da neighborhood got a good laugh outa da deal and much to Sonia's delight the tacky flamingos now oversee their rightfull place safely out of the neighbors view overlooking our "tacky garden".


Last Island

The subject of Last Island, one of Louisiana's barrier islands, has come up from time to time in our local town Forum. The island was one of the state's major barrier islands, and in da ole days,was a resort for the wealthy. At one time it held large beach houses and hotels, and was a playground for the rich "planters" and merchants, etc. This is a picture of the last remaining camp on Last Island. As you can see it's just a gutted shell.

The picture above is the only stretch of beach left that could support the local bird colonies. The view is from inland looking east to Wine Island Pass.

A mere 5 years ago this picture would be looking across solid land toward the oil facility at Wine Island Pass, which is the eastern end of Last Island. The facility ya see in the distance, usta be on the island. I can only hope that we rebuild it again, as it is a wonderful strip of sand; home to many colonies of birds and could again be a picnic/beach-combers paradise.


Mud Holin'

Peggy and I are slowly picking up da pieces and cleaning da joint up after the wonderful Easter week we had. Can ya imagine having family and friends over to a house with no kitchen sink?? Thank goodness we have the kind of friends and family who just roll with the flow and pitch in laughing and joking and having a good time. Folks who, instead of griping and complaining, take what comes, laughing and having fun. God bless them all. While straightening up I took a few minutes to post an example of what I do at work. Working in the bayous can be a real challenge in the winter. I took this example of us digging our way back into the marsh in a very narrow, shallow channel at low tide. The light areas along the bank are actually mud flats. Needless to say, I breathed a sigh of relief when we finally tied up to the platform, and my morning of mud holin' was over.
I apologize for the poor quality and lack of sound. I may add some harmonica music later if I can convince my back ground singers(da houndawgs) that it should be a solo act.


Happy Resurrection Day 2009!

We are thrilled to be spending Easter Sunday with Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean this year. Presently, they are sitting on the patio going over plans for this afternoon's dinner. Cappy's sister Maria and her family will be here, and our friend Melissa and her daughter, Melan. We certainly hope you are having a most wonderful Holiday. Be Safe and May God Bless. Here is a link to a card we picked out especially for you:
Love, Cappy and Pegody


Swamp Critters

Peggy is right, we are busy having a wonderful time with our friends. Currently, they are watching a movie, and since I was raised a strict Catholic I aint watching. So, I thought I would take a few minutes to share with yall a few more pictures I took at work last month. These are of a few critters I saw starting with these 2 coons I caught at low tide.

I also caught this beaver waddling up da bank twords its den.

These 2 does were feeding in a field as we went by late one afternoon.

About all these pictures did for me is prove to me how badly I need a better camera, one with a better zoom and higher definition, aslong as I'm wishin' maybe video as well. Hope ya don't mind the grainy exposure and enjoy them till I can post something better. If I dont get to post again till next week, I'd like to wish you and yours the very happiest of Easters.


Mr. Ed and Mrs. Jean arrived and we've been having all kinds of fun with them. Mr. Ed got to meet the local funsters and made boudin (they had fun teaching him how to say it). We are busily taking pics and will most likely be posting away when time permits. They are going to spend Easter with us, and once again, Cappy will be firing up the pit. Not conventional Yankee type Easter Dinner, but good and tasty nontheless. Cappy plans on making bbq'd pork ribs, bbq'd asparagus, his smoked mushroom appetizers, his bbq'd beans and uh...I fergit. Mrs. Jean will be making a potato salad, and already my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Once't again I will be 'playing' a chef named Sous. It's my lot in life, but I like it just fine.
The day before Easter, we plan on going over to Cappy's sister, Maria's house to color eggs. That's always a fiercly competitive hoot. Here's the link to last year's debacle to get a flavor of how it goes, and that's what I will leave you with, til next posting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZUhoZm4kDU


He Won by a LANDSLIDE!!!

After voting yesterday, Cappy set about working hard all day, trying to whip our yard back in shape, with me dragging behind, totin' and fetchin', draggin' and haulin'. The whole time we kept one eye on Jude and Sonia's house, just because. The way things are today, you just never know. (Everybody in three counties...parishes knew they wouldn't be home on election day.) And all day, between quick breaks, we'd ask, "I wonder how the voting is going...I wonder who's ahead right now". Finally after a longggg day of hot sweaty, pollen-laden work, we headed in, got showered and right into pj's, preparing to tumble, exhausted, into bed, when I noticed cars lining the street. "Oh!!!" I told Cappy, we should get dressed and go on over to see how things are going and to await the results with them". By then, Cappy was already in bed and halfway asleep, and his thought was that, even if we did get dressed and go on over, that with so many people we'd either get lost in the shuffle or get in the way, and it's Cappy's way to do things more on a personal one-to-one level, so he said, "No, we aint goin' nowhere tonight; we'll find out in the mornin'". "It is ok if I turn on the tv in here then?" "No." Oh alright, because I was truly spent anyhow, I fell into bed, too. We were sound asleep when sometime later the phone rang. I don't remember even hearing it, or the answering machine picking it up, but it was Sonia's sister, also our neighbor saying that she just wanted us to know that "Jude won!" At that we sat bolt upright and "Wha-hoo'd"; finally somebody honest had won using a clean political campaign in South Louisiana! We are soooooo very proud of them...Jude and Sonia. He's a good man, and she's the good woman behind him. In the words of Jimmy Buffett, she's "the woman to blame". We love them both dearly and are so excited for them.
This morning Cappy got up very early, went outside to begin sawing up some of the wood we had pruned from the trees, when he spotted Jude, still in his pj's, across the street talking on a cell phone, while letting their dog 'stretch his legs'. Seeing Jude in his red plaid bathrobe, Cappy couldn't resist: "Ohhh, I was wondering what robe the judges were wearing this season". Jude hollard back, "It's the only robe I've got!" So Cappy said, "Well, whatcha wearin' it outside for...practicin'?" Then they met in the middle of the street and Jude came in for a handshake, but big ol' softy teddybear Cappy thinkin' "Heck, that aint enough", went in and gave him a great big hug. It brings tears to Cappy's eyes and a lump in his throat; "Been knowin' the man for a long time, and he's more than a good man and a good a good friend and neighbor, and now EVAH-body knows it, too!"
I guess they do...Jude won by a landslide.
What spoke to my heart was, the other day when we were on our way back from our friends Sam and Louise's house, we got behind an old truck loaded with political signs and a speaker calling for people to get out and vote for Jude. Now Jude, if you recall from past postings, has received some pretty 'high-falootin' awards. He can run with the 'big dawgs'. He rubs shoulders with some pretty influential people. But this particular truck in question was so old and rickety, and when I say it was rust colored, I mean it was so completely rusted, that rust was it's color. It's driver was a scrawny wrinkled old black gentleman. A perfect compliment; truck and driver. The man's demeanor, as he drove his truck around, was one of pride. To me, it spoke of something akin to love, that campaigning for Jude had awakened in both the gentleman and his truck. Jude has helped so many people in his career as a lawyer, even those who couldn't afford to pay. Judge Jude Gravois speaks for everybody.
(And to our silly Yankee grandkids, who saw the political sign in the yard, and I didn't get a chance to respond to you, "Yes, he will be Judge JUDE, and the 'e' on Jude IS silent, ya big dummies!")


Vote For Jude April 4!

Tomorrow Cappy and I have the honor and privilege to get out and vote for our neighbor, Jude Gravois for Judge of Court of Appeal. If you are 'kin' to Cappy, then most likely you've met Jude and Sonia on several occasions. If you have been regular readers of ours, then, for certain, you've heard us talk about them many times, because they are friends of ours, whom we have always held in high esteem. We are thrilled that he's running for this position. South Louisiana desperately needs honest politicians, and Jude is as honest as the day is long (and longer, actually). I could go on ad infinitum, but will let Cappy have his say. Presently, he's taking a nap. We will add his imput and edit this post.
We wanted to share the good news about Jude's campaign, and urge those who are readers in our district, to please join us at the polls Saturday, April 4.

Eagles Everywhere

I will never fail to feel a strong upwelling of pride and wonder at all the eagles that now reside in South Lousiana. I am proud to tell yall that they are thriving and steadily increasing in numbers year after year. During a recent trip down bayou Chene to Bayou Penchant, and from Bayou Penchant to Turtle Bayou, and then way back to the back of Turtle Bayou, I counted over 20 eagles in one day. I saw several pairs and 6 different nests. Most were too far away for my camera, but I did manage to get this precious few pictures of a true treasure of the swamp lands.

Spring Has Sprung Down In Bayou Country

This hitch started off with nice weather and a beautiful sunrise, as viewed from behind the platform we were parked at. When Peggy was still in New York she usta tell me March was her most hated month. It was when the pretty white winter snow turned to ugly brown slush and Spring seemed like it would never come. I usta tell her March was our favorite month down in bayou country; it was when Spring would bust forth with bloomage. I spent the whole month of March on the boat getting home da day after April Fools Day. As ya can see from the pictures I took this hitch, the bayous are ablaze with Spring colors. I really enjoyed the hitch and have lots more pictures to share with yall, but for now I share these March flowers with you Yankees who are still cold muddy yucky and drab. Alls I can tell ya is : NAA NAA NANA BOOBOO!!