New Years Eve Smoke Balls

Like kids, Peg and I have been slowly popping the fireworks I got her for Christmas; slowly building up to tonight's big backyard fireworks bash, that we are planning. I'm sure the neighbors will be busily adding to our display. We plan to ring in the new year with a bang!...several bangs, actually, and are expecting company tomorrow to feast on traditional Southern New Year goodies.

Tomorrow we are going to deep-fry another turkey, but the most important "gotta have"s are black eyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread. We will make the black-eyed peas steeped in Cajun spices and smoked ham hocks. The cabbage will be 'smothered' down with sauteed onions, again, our special Cajun spice and a local smoked sausage cut in slices. The cornbread will actually be what we call Mexican cornbread, made with chopped fried bacon, pickled jalepeno slices, whole corn, creamed corn and grated cheddar cheese. There'll be the usual assortment of snacks and drinks. Today Peg made lemon squares from the lemons in our yard, and brownies with pecans from our trees, not to mention yet another loaf of banana nut bread and orange nut bread. It sure is handy having all this fruit and nuts right out our back door.


Back Yard Cajun Fireworks

I try every year to buy Peg some fireworks. She grew up in upstate New York, and backyard fireworks have been out-lawed there for, like, forever. So she giggles like a school girl when we set off showers and candles and spinners etc., ya know; the backyard variety. Any ways, here's a video(remember we still learnin' the video camera) of some backyard fireworks fun.



Since I accidentally left my BRAND new expensive video camera and my regular camera way over in Alexandria yesterday(!!!), I have no pictures to post for you. I expect that Cappy, who gets off the boat tomorrow (hipporee!!), and I will meet up with cousin Larry someplace to retrieve them. Seeing as how I found this picture in my email box from cousin Meli, I guess I don't mind at all. Look at her beautiful children. How precious is this? They sure have grown since we last saw them. It doesn't seem like that long at all.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. All the kids called and said they loved their gifts. Son Joe was upset that his gifts hadn't gotten here, but the package came this morning. I went to pick up 'the boys'...the "Arky boys" at the kennel this afternoon. They musta been whooping it up the whole time they were there because they've slept since they've gotten home, and that's all they've done. Poor Mark's eyes look all red-rimmed and bloodshot, as if he'd cried the whole time. He's definitely a 'mommy's boy' and never lets me get out of his sight, so this last four days must have been very traumatic for him, even tho SparkyBear was there with him. The dogs and their 'dad' still have presents under the tree, so they'll open them tomorrow and take pictures on Cappy's camera.
Re-reading this, it sounds pretty bland, but I guess I'll go join 'the boys', I'm whooped, too. Stay tuned for more. Hi Aunt Gussie! I Love you, and it was sooo good hugging yore beautiful ol' neck.
P.S. Feel free to send us news...you are part of our world and we would be honored to share it here.
P.S.S. Since one of the Uncle's gifts from us got lost, then I left my cameras over there...I also misplaced the diamond cross necklace Sookie gave me, cried and cried and bawled my eyes out til I found it in my purse...cousin Larry had the nerve to ask, "You still got your drawers??" phhunny. Yes, I do. (I hadda check, after all that goings on, just to make sure...but as a matter of fact) yes, I do. ;-p


Merry Christmas 2007

This is, as close as possible, to the Christmas card we sent out this year. Because of printer problems, we didn't actually get to include the picture of the Madonna and Child. Cappy always comes up with the ideas for our cards so that all I have to do is draw them. I apologize that the top picture is crooked for some reason. I've tried correcting it, but only made it worse, so here she goes, just like she is.

Give Glory to God in the Highest
and Peace to His People on Earth.

God bless you at the Holidays, and through the year in store.God fill your life with all the Joys, that you are hoping for.God give you health and happiness, the Comfort of His Care.God Bless and keep you in His Love, ...that's our Christmas prayer.Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year,With our warmest thoughts and wishes,"Cappy and Pegody" Robin & Da Dawgs(SparkyBear, MarkyBear & Raleigh-Raleigh)

I'd also like to take the opportunity to post links to two of my most favorite Christmas songs:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jA9DmSfufSQand:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IAckfn8yiAQ


Christmas Cajun Cooking

Plans for Christmas are starting to come together, finally. I'm still baking, but want to bake a few things to mail to family or take with me to Alexandria, LA for a large gathering at Aunt Marguerite and Uncle Eugene's house. I think cousin Larry would actually faint if I showed up with some of the brownies I'm always promising to make for him. As it is, I have no idea about how many loaves of banana nut bread I've already made, since our bananas and pecans have been producing this Fall. As we 'speak', I have another loaf cooling it's heels on a rack, out there on the kitchen table. I promised that to son, Thom, up in western NY, so it'll be winging it's way in that direction tomorrow, along with a few oranges and lemons from off our trees.
Of course, Cappy, out on the boat always has something wonderful simmering away on the back burner as he's driving the boat. If he didn't put it together, then one of his crew has. The guys he has on there now with him are fantastic cooks. He's always 'braggin' on 'em', those guys. Last night, I went to meet the boat, and took them out their Christmas stockings. I sewed, among other things, stocking stuffers for each of them, which are big pot holders. They are about three sizes bigger than the ones bought in the stores. These guys have big paws, from throwing massive ropes around the timberheads, or working in the engine room. For the crew that will be on for Christmas I made more potholders for them, plus New Orleans Saints pillow cases, wrapped them and stuffed them in the stockings, too, then dumped in all kinds of candy, nuts from our yard, a toy, ...I forget what all, then topped them off with a big Satsuma orange. (and the promised 'lump of coal'...chocolate, of course...and a stern warning this time...well,...not too stern.)They each get a wrapped gift, as well, from under their scraggly little 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree, which I also took with me last night, along with some sundry ornaments, which, handily, were on sale at Hobby Lobby.
When I pulled up at the fuel dock late last night, there were a couple of other boats, loading fuel as well, so Cappy and I had time to visit with a bunch of guys from those boats. Cappy told them that I had brought stockings for the guys on his boat. Dane, a captain from one of the other boats, said, "Oh noooooo!!!....I do NOT want to see you wearing stockings...trust me...fishnet is not a good look for you; it's cold...she shoulda brought you some long johns...the longer the better."
Cajuns. Then they always manage to bring food into most any conversation. They were talking about what they had cooked or were cooking, and how they cooked it. Although alligator is supposed to be a delicacy around these parts, Cappy's favorite is turtle. From wayyyyy back in the blog, there might be a story about squirrel stew that I couldn't get past my lips without my throat clenching shut. I'm sure it was very tasty, but ...just the thought. One time I overheard on the phone, Cappy and one of his guys talking about, "Awwww, look at the bunny rabbits frolicking over there in the tall grass...aren't they cute? Look...there's the mama, and how many babies she's got? Four? Five? Let's count." Then they started discussing which sauce goes best with rabbit. And, "If it's stewed, then, by all means, dumplings like Momma used to make...not the flat kind, but the big ol' fluffy 'cathead' dumplings". Uh...cat head?? Shhhh, I don't even wanna know.
Well, I found this link and, I'll tell you, this song had to have been written by a Cajun. Let's see what you think.


Trying to Get Things Accomplished.

Yesterday was crew change day out on the boat for Cappy's outfit. One guy got off the boat for Christmas and another got on. He never knows who the office is going to send out to replace his regular workers. Next week, for Christmas, it will be the same thing, so he'll have two temporary guys working for him.
He's having me make sure to bake some goodies and treats for the boys, no matter who's going to be there. So that's what I'm doing. Sewing and baking.
Today is our highly esteemed neighbor, Jude's birthday. We got him a little something, because they are always looking out for me, while Cappy is away. It's a wonderful thing to have neighbors like that. A sense of security. Jude's wife, Sonia, loves watching the crazy antics and goings on in our yard, by our dogs,outside her kitchen window. I don't always get to see the show, from inside our little house. She came over and told me she wishes she'd had their video camera handy the other day. Raleigh-Raleigh, who has taken up residence in the flowerbed, now wicked weed patch next to our front door, was sitting in the middle of the matted-down weeds, early one morning. I feel sorry for the poor guy, because, since he doesn't want to be in the house, and the spoiled Bichons stay in the house most of the time, he's left out there by himself and has to find ways to amuse himself. Sometimes I think he must get kind of lonely because I'll see him 'talking' and playing with the strangest things, such as candy wrappers that have blown into the yard, or his dog bones. Occasionally, SparkyBear and MarkyBear will go out and give him a little company or run around the yard with him; but only briefly. Well, on the day in question, Sonia said it was early and the sun was bright, casting a very dark shadow of Raleigh on the house next to him. He happened to notice his shadow and seemed delighted to have suddenly found himself in the presence of 'company'. I don't know what all he did that amused Sonia's attention, but she said he seemed thrilled to have another dog out there, sitting by him. Together, 'they' sat there and watched the world go by. At one point he put his paw up, in such a sweet way, to touch the other 'dog'. 'They' sat there for awhile longer, and much to our neighbor's delight, she saw Raleigh lean over and 'kiss' his new friend. Awwww. He really is a nice dog. Santa's helper got him some special toys for Christmas that might help keep him occupied and happy out there in the yard, when the sun is on the other side of the house, poor guy.
Speaking of Raleigh and elves and Cappy. I just love watching Cappy and Raleigh, made up like elves, dancing, so am bringing the link up here to the fore-front again, for those who haven't seen it or haven't waded through the labyrinth of posts we have written since we originally published it here on our blog. So...here ya go:


They Just Got So Excited, the Big Silly Boys

Well, that didn't last long. I took the 'boys'...the guys on the boat, their Christmas gifts last week. Cappy is still saving his to open Christmas morning. The other two got so excited, they made excuses why they had to open their gifts early, so I might as well show ya'll now. The one guy used to be a rodeo dude, and he's not all that interested in football, so I made him rodeo pillow cases and included a new pillow. I guess it was "too bulky and in the way" so he 'had' to open it now. Hmmm. He was all excited and said he loves it! The other 'kid' hasn't gotten Christmas or birthday gifts since he was 12, so we got him two gifts. He couldn't believe it. He kept fondling the wrappings and said since he figured out what one of them was, and "since Robert got to open his pillow cases early",he might as well go ahead and open it. Again...Hmmm. Cappy got him a very cool CD case, which will hold about 50 CD's. He really needed it, too, because he had a growing collection of CD's but no place to keep them. Cappy told him to hold off on opening the other gift from his 'den mother' (that would be me), so he would have something to open on Christmas morning. Later, when I talked with Cappy that same evening, he told me "Asa LOVES his new Saints quilt".

If I make another trip out there, it might be with Christmas stockings, and if they snoop around this time, they might find lumps of coal. (drat...knowing me, it'll be made of dark chocolate.) How could I be mad at these kids??


Quick Note Update or Much Ado 'bout Nuffin Much

Our daughter-in-law, Jessica sent us this link, which inspired me to 'elf' cappy, me and the dawgs. From left to right on this link, you'll see Jessica, son Joe, our granddaughter, Ashley and our grandson, Zachary. http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1242375697 Too much fun!!
I'm getting ready to take SparkyBear to the vet. I usually only give the dogs a bath about every two weeks. When I was giving him and Mark their bathes last night, I removed the Invisible Fence collar, I was shocked and horrified to find an HUGE three and a half inch gash, about an inch high, all bloodied along his throat and there's even dried blood clumps! I don't know how deep it is, but it looks BAD. I couldn't see it before this because of all the fur and curls around his neck. I thought the problem was with his mouth, all this time, but couldn't see anything wrong with his teeth. I'm waiting for the Vet to open. I was going to take him there today anyhow. Now I'm just sick about it...I couldn't fall asleep til around three this morning.
The collar had gotten taken off when the kids were here, so the little hot shot took off down the street after a loping long-eared basset hound, who happened to pass by. I had the kids put the collar back on post haste. I'll keep you posted....gotta run and get this taken care of NOW. (jingle bells, jingle bells...)
Ok, all is calm, all is bright.
Cappy and I were really worried. It seems that, like the rest of us, SparkyBear had gained weight, making the collar tight in the last two weeks, and he's got an allergy to the contacts on the electric battery thingy. Dr. Crawford said she was surprised he hadn't shown symptoms way before this. Once she shaved his throat, she could see the situation an whole lot better and said she's seen worse. No consolation...it was pretty darned ugly. First, it got irritated from the allergy, then abrasion, or friction from being tight caused the bleeding. At least it wasn't deep, as I had feared, but was afraid to look. So, now I'll just hook the battery alarm to his old loose collar, and the "BEEP" he hears should be enough to stop him from meandering down the street after any other attractive ...uh...girl dog, he might see sashaying down our street.

At least SparkyBear got to see baby kitties
at the vet's, so to him the trip wasn't a total loss.


Behind the Scenes Here & Problem with our Email Thingy

This year we opted to get our Christmas cards printed professionally, because when the computer 'went down' a few months ago, it took the printer with it. Tho the printer now works, it just aint not doin' all that great. I went to Thibodaux and picked up the cards, but I still have a couple of things I want to print on the cards before I send them out. (You know...there's still time if you'd like us to send you one of our cards, free of charge...just because it's our gift...just send us your address at our email: cappy_and_pegody@yahoo.com <---that's wrong! (There's no underline for the address; the blogger keeps putting it there. So, write: cappy ,then underscore _ then 'and' then underscore_then'pegody' then @yahoo.com I hope I haven't made it too confusing.)
If you've already gotten a card from us in the past, most likely you'll be gittin' another one soon.)
So, that's what I'll be doing for the next couple of days, printing and stuffing the envelopes to head on out your way. Tomorrow I will try meeting up with Cappy to take some meds to one of the guys on the boat. It's terrible when they're way out in the country where there are no roads, and no quick way to get out, even in an emergency. I was talking with Cappy the other day and the Coast Guard radio came on, talking to people who were so far back in the swamp, where it's too hard for anyone to get to, even helicopters, and the 35 yr old captain was having a heart attack. We don't know how it ended, but we were praying fervently for the poor guy and his crew...And the Coast Guard, who were feverishly trying to come to the rescue.
Meanwhile, here at home SparkyBear is having some kind of problem with his mouth, and Cappy is kinda worried about 'his boy'. After I take the meds to Cappy's young man out on the boat, I might have to run dis dawg to the vet. I hope not. The poor little man might have to have a tooth pulled or something...I SURE hope not.
Well, that's what's been going on in our little part of the world. I only have a bit of sewing to finish, then I'm all set for Christmas. I'm feeling kind of guilty for buying these two 'pampered frizzies' (Bichon Frise's) each a doggie shirt, but nothing for Raleigh-Raleigh to wear. Cappy said, put a wreath around his neck and stick a candy cane in his mouth. Done and done.


Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays

Doug and Trish sent us this Christmas card last year. It's got real glitter scattered on the roof-top snow, the bushes and trees, the yard; everywhere. I absolutely love this picture. I couldn't wait til December, so, found it and brought it out and put it on our computer desk in October. It gives me such a warm, comforted feeling, for some reason. I think it reminds me of junior high, and high school, when I'd walk home from school in the winter(two miles...IN the cold...uphill both ways; snickering here). It would be suppertime by the time I'd start down our avenue, and by that time I was shivering, with the snow having somehow gotten down into my boots, making my feet cold and soppy. The frigid air, during the long trek home, always seeped in through the layers of my clothing, so by the time I got home, I was 'chilled to the bone', as we used to say, (and I dare to venture, they still say that up north). Just as I'd be walking through the snow down our lightly traveled street, I might be thinking I couldn't take another step, but there in the dusk, was our house, warm glowing lights streaming out through the windows, encouraging me that I could at least make it that far; to get home to family and warmth...warmth and solace lay ahead. And there was the knowledge that my Mom or Grandma would have something good cooking for supper. I knew that the minute my foot hit our front porch, I'd be able to smell something delicious waiting for me inside. Ohhhh...one of the most wonderful smells in the whole world, to me, was my mother's scalloped potatoes (with ham), especially on a cold, blustery day. My Dad would be sitting there, in from work, reading his newspaper. My brother might be up in his room practicing his drums. My aunt Bev (same age as I am), ...who knows what she'd be up to, the silly girl. The house was packed, full of love and family. Sighhhh...that's why I'm so fond of this painting; it reminds me of Home.