Hurricane Issac 2012

I was working on a video/slideshow about riding out the storm. It's too long to put on youtube prolly; 'bout 45 minutes long. I wanted to take off and run away, as usual, but stayed. Thank God for our friends, Sam and Louise. The dogs and I stayed with them 'during'. Because somebody else was 'in the house', I slept like a baby during the worst of it Tuesday night.
  The next couple of days the roads were closed due to power lines being down, so I had to stay longer than I would have liked and the dogs (BAD dogs) wore out our welcome, I think. The BRAT got out of the bedroom during the night where we were staying and peed everywhere in the house and left a 'pile' behind their computer chair. Sam gets up early and didn't the Brat bark at the man in his own house....BAD dog. I didn't know any of this til hours later when I got up and went about cleaning it all up. Only thing; the Clorox wipes makes it look like the pee is still there, Louise and I noticed. And, I had put those denim, velcro belly pads, which I call "pajamas" on them and they somehow don't work at all on these guys.
   Waiting for the electricity to come back on was awful...just awful. The hot, thick stagnent air kept sweat from evaporating off our over-heated skin. I feel so bad for people who, still today, a week later, have no electric or A/C. And not to mention those who have lost everything in the floods and have to suffer in the heat as well.
 I think (my own uneducated opinion) that a lot of the flooding was from some of the water they pumped out of New Orleans's "bowl" with the new high wall all around it. The new pumping system can draw water out, put it into Lake Pontchartrain, at the rate of an olympic sized swimming pool per five seconds. It ran for days and nights. The wind pushed all that water to the west into LaPlace and other towns around the lake. They had to do it. The yearly Decadence festival was going to be taking place that weekend in New Orleans. Don't know what that is? Google it.
   Yeah, I'm down about the whole thing around here. It seems that 'the man' would have his act together by now. It seems as though whenever another hurricane blows through, they have to reinvent the wheel all over again, as to how to deal with things; especially basic services for the people who live here. 
  It is a beautiful place, South Louisiana. No matter how nice, tho', the resiliant folks have learned long ago that they either have to do it themselves and help each other, or it aint gonna get done right...or done right away, anyhow.
  I've been listening to one of our local favorite singer/songwriters, Marcia Ball. (She's the gal ridin' her piano stool 'side-saddle'.) This song just suits me right now. I don't know why.