The Christmas Hustle

Oh gosh, I forgot to explain, for those of you who don't know; the lady who is dancing with us is Cappy's Aunt Gussie. We love her to pieces!!!


Another Good Hitch on da Boat

The first morning back on the boat dawned clear and bright, clear and peaceful, and kinda set the stage for a good boat ride. As soon as we shoved out of the little bayou into the open lake, the ever-present seagulls gathered in our wheelwash feasting on shrimps and lil fishies we churn up in our wheel-wash.
It's been several months since this year's Storms hit the Gulf Coast, and all bridges are back in working order. You can see from the blue tarp on the bridgehouse, they fixed stuff priority first. This bridge tender was complaining of the drafty control house, what with it being winter and all. I think it was like 59 that morning BRRRRRRRR.

The highlight of the whole month for me was when I happened across this flock of spoonbill rosettes just south of Dulac. I knocked da engines outa gear and took their picture.

I was feeling mischevious, so I tooted the horn and they took wing.

I was amazed to see how many of them there were as they filled the sky with their beautiful pinkness.

They flew up, circled around and came back to land where they were, at their original roost.

I was thrilled to have seen this wonderful display of nature's beauty, and I truly hope you enjoy the pictures I was able to take,of the amazing spectacle of their short flight.

As the sun set on this month-long boat ride, I had to pause and thank God for the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place as our bayou home.
Don't forget, you can click on any of these pictures and they will enlarge for you.


Not a Lazy Susan!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, the dogs are not stirring; they're flopped on the couch. They went to the doggie groomer and spent the afternoon. I'm not sure how the groomer is feeling tonight, but these guys are whooped. I still have a lot to get done and am trying to tie up loose ends. Cappy is supposed to get off the boat tomorrow, but there may or may not be some kind of snafu again. One of the guys, who is supposed to be getting back on the boat to take Cappy's place has a badly injured leg. He hurt it last week, "standing wrong, while working da winch". It's always dangerous out there. One time Cappy was walking across a slippery gangplank, fell and broke his nose. You just never know. And that being said, we just don't know for sure when he will get off the boat.
As I said, I have a lot of things I want to finish up, tho. One of them is to post some photos of when Cappy was off the boat the last time, I believe. (Gosh, he's out there for so long, I sometimes forget what happened when.) We had a lovely time in New Orleans with our new friend Susan, otherwise known to us and our town forum buddies, as Swag. She's a lively ball of happy energy. First she brightened our home with her beautiful smile, then we drove on over to New Orleans and perused the shops. It was sad to see that a lot of people, in general, are still missing. Here they had a buffet all set up, but hardly anyone was around to partake. We kept walking. Even the band that they had set up was playing for practically no-one. Cappy said a lot of the bands just play for tips. We wandered on up to the French Market. I'm telling you, it's just not the same, and I don't know how many more years it will be until New Orleans will ever be her old self again. Disappointed, we went across the street to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Restaurant and had a great lunch. It wasn't crowded, but the atmosphere is still sooooo nice. We went around to the store and did a little shopping. Cappy picked me up a coral colored 'purse' thingy that stated, "I'm the woman to blame". (Ya know which song that's from???) Then we wandered around the streets and haunted a few antique book stores. It was great. You know what? Now that we've introduced Susan, this ball of energy, to you, we have another story to tell about her, which illustrates what a fun, giving nature she has. But for now, since time is pressed, we'll leave that to another time, probably when Cappy is back out on the boat when I can write it out at my leisure. She's definitly a great gal, tho, and we hated so see her head back to Texas, where she lives.
Dan called the other day to see if we would be traveling up there 'this hitch off the boat', and we told him that as far as we knew, we would be, but that due to Cappy's redoing his Coast Guard info, not to mention the injured crew, we have to wait until next week to try traveling. I took the SUV and got it serviced, oil change, tires checked, "the whole lah-lah" to make sure she was travel worthy. Dan said they've got a lot of snow already. He also said that he and the family were just getting over the flu. Oh NO! He said it was worse for him, tho', because the last thing he had eaten before it all hit the fan, was a Taco Bell Volcano. It was the last thing to go in. He said the bulk of it wasn't that much going in, but it multiplied exponentially, grinding away on his innards, until...until.... he said he was a living volcano alright. He was spewing HOT lava from every orifice of his body. It was shooting up and out, down and out, and he said it was so stinging and hot, that he was afraid that like on one of those Hawaiian mountains, a fissure was going to open somewhere and he'd start shooting molton lava sideways. I'm glad he's, and the family's all better now, but I told him they'd better make sure all those flu bugs have left the premises before we get there.
I finally got all the Christmas cards finished and even mailed, for the most part. I'm thrilled that a few people have written for them, so will be mailing them out also. It's not too late. You can write us at pegody@yahoo.com, or at the cappy(underscore)and(underscore)pegody@yahoo.com address. Not to worry, we won't come tracking you down at your house; we've got wayyyyyyy too many other things to do, and if you know us, you know we aint PREverts.
One of the main "other things", is to finish up the kitchen remodel drawings. I'm telling you, this just can't come too soon. Right now the kitchen is in such a disarray. We need more storage space. And I'll say it right now, whoever designed those corner lazy susan storage areas,...well, I'd like to get my hands on ya. The way this one is designed, there's no wall between it and the pots and pan shelves, so that too many times, a pot or pan will grab something off the spinning lazy susan shelf and wedge it way in the back or jam the whole thing. This time, the lazy susan....a pretty engergetic contraption, for having 'lazy' as a moniker, grabbed a potato from the other side, where cans and onions and potatoes are sitting on their shelf minding their own business. Well, o'l susan, grabbed said potato and hid it wayyyyy in the corner, laughing to herself, I'll wager. I couldn't for the life of me begin to wonder what in the HAYO the horrible smell was, and where it was coming from. I mean I looked everywhere in there. Finally, in desperation, I got a flashlight, got down on my hands and knees, (with 'laughing' dogs in my face and in the way, wondering what we were up to now), and tried climbing in amongst the twisty turny lazy susan shelves, and aha! found not only a rotting potato, but an onion she had swiped, as well. It gag-eth me to think about at this point. But, like Mommie Dearest in the movie, with a hideously grotesque face, as I draw the cabinet plans, I vow, "No.more.Lazy.Susans!!!!!"
And speaking of Mommie Dearest, a Mr. Jerry from our town forum found this link, which I just loved, so am posting it for my kids. (and you, of course)
So now, friends and fambly, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, have a most WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. And know...we are grateful for You! :-)


Name that Tune

I'm still rushing around, trying to get ready for the Christmas rush, so that by the time it actually begins, I won't have to (be rushed). It's so nice outside, that I've got all the windows flung open, and am enjoying the warm breeze. While I was hanging out laundry, I was tempted to run in a get my video camera to get some shots of the sugar cane fields burning. It is still shocking to see, when it's unexpected...like the world is on fire, with the giagantic sky-high plumes of white silk smoke. I'm glad the wind is blowing in the other direction today, because even though I love the smell of it, lately, my eyes have watered so much from the density of the smoke that my eyes are beet red-rimmed. The smell of sugar cane burning has now created the Holiday feeling in the air. It's always around Thanksgiving that the farmers begin to burn their fields in earnest. (Burning the fields is part of the sugar cane harvesting process.)
Soooo, because of that wonderful feeling, and the job of wrapping presents, having wrapped presents stacked everywhere, my having put the Christmas ornaments near the opening in the attic in hopes of Cappy Claus, who soon will be here, getting them down, I've turned on the HOLLY channel on, on Directv, to listen to Christmas music while I do what I gotta do.
Sure enough, while I was in the middle of warm thoughts and happy feelings, the one song I dislike had to come on and ruin the mood. It's just me...I know it. Everybody else probably loves the song. I'm not even going to give you the name of the tune, but will let you read my stoooopid interpretation of it. You can guess on your own.
And here goes:
Well, here it is Christmas
And my question is big:
Just what earthly good (are you)
You big selfish pig?

Well, here it is Christmas
And I hope you are proud (of yourself, my 'friend')
(If you think I'm going to let you just relax and) Enjoy the Season,
Well, just think again!

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it

(Yeah, you just go ahead and have a) "MERRY" Christmas
Just think of yourself,
I hope you choke on your turkey,
(don't think of the millions of starving people all over the world)
Hold onto your wealth.

Well, here it is Christmas
We should all get along
But I'm here to remind you,
With the words of my song:

There's a sore (and raw) division
Between other people and you.
(So) I'm pouring salt in the fresh wound.
"Happy" Holiday, too.

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it.
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it.

Well, here it is Christmas,
MY work here is done,
(I've made myself) the know-all and be-all
(I ask all the questions) and I answer none.

(Yeah, now you just TRY to) have a Merry Christmas
(And while you're in the middle of) Holiday Cheer,
I hope my song (comes on the radio)
And my words make it clear:

Tho' the melody's pretty
Just to catch your fat ear,
So I can (sweetly) TELL you
(You'd better stop enjoying yourself and go do something
I think is politically correct) Do you hear??

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it. (repeat ad nauseum)

Oh for Pete's sake. I know that probably wasn't the intention of the makers of this song, but it's how I always take it, and these are the words I nastily sing to it, as it's playing. Sheesh. Oh well, back to my light-hearted happeee-happeeee stuffs I was doing before I came in here, typed this all in and made a 'foo' outa myself again. <:"->


Shoulda & Woulda Aint Gettin' it Done.

I was tempted today to post a copy of a Christmas poem that one of Cappy's cousins, Sara had written last year. I still may do it, but I'd better get her permission first. Every year she does something very creative for her Christmas cards. Every year, Cappy thinks up the design for our cards, and I draw them out. He's pretty creative and already has next year's card thought out. As for me, I'm still working on this year's card. It isn't that hard, but putting the time aside to work on it, has been, for no good reason.
Tomorrow. I'll try to get it finished tomorrow. I woulda worked on it today and tonight, but Cappy and I spent a lot of time together on the phone. We 'watched' a movie together tonight, him on the boat, and me here in his Cappy chair, both of on our cell phones, commenting here and there, and counting the billionty-two commercials between the five minute intervals of movie. It was the Wedding Crashers, btw.
After we hung up, here I am stalling around again, not working on the cards,but aha! I found a wonderful video over on YouTube that I thought was really funny, so I'll put the link here for you. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jWrj9TaA0Mc
And don't forget, in case you didn't know, Cappy and I have 23 videos over there at YouTube. I don't know how to find a link that would bring yall to a main page that would list all of them, but maybe putting: cappyandpegody in the search window on YouTube might take you to any or all of 'em. Some of them aren't all that great. Some can be viewed in a good quality. All can be viewed with a full screen. The one I like viewing in full screen the best is Pacing the Cage, because it gives a fuller picture and idea of what Cappy sees when he's out on his boat, and maybe a lick of what he's feeling, because, after all, he's the one who shot the pictures.
One other thing; since I am working on the cards, tho,(or will be tomorrow, I hope) I should mention that a lot of the cards we sent out last year came back to us, even tho' we KNEW darned well it was the correct address...or thought we knew. If you want to be sure we have the correct one, email us at cappy_and_pegody@yahoo.com
If there's anyone else out there who'd like us to send you a card, also email us at the same email address. Gosh, we'd like to know who's reading sometimes. You know us, and all our...uh...shortcomings...craziness. Ya know what? We write primarily for family, but honest-to-gosh, most of the fambly doesn't even read us. Can ya believe that. Hmph. So you, friends, are who we write for.
And after all this, I'm still stalling. I guess the placard I hold up in my life and wave around reads, "Procrastinate Now!"


A Possible Major Gas Leek Next Spring

It's been awhile since my last post as I really haven't had much to share. Cappy is presently on his way down the Mississippi, wayyyyy to the bottom of it, to pick up another load of crude oil. We're, like everyone else, glad to see the cost of gasoline going back down. That will help on our 'pit stops', on our drive to western NY in a couple weeks. Actually, the date of our departure, of neccesity has been pushed back five days, so our trip is going to be cut very short. DarnDarnDarn. So, to make up for the lost time, I'm campaigning for a trip in the Spring for the Ham and Leek festival. Leeks, which are nothing at all like the big version found in most every supermarket, and are, in other parts of the country called 'ramps'. I never knew that until I started "Googling" to learn when the festival would be held.
Leeks, (ramps) are amazing. At first glance they might look like green onions, but then they have these dark green 'bunny rabbit ear' leaves. The taste and smell are very pungent and like nothing else. They are found in swampy areas and there's only a small window of time that they are found; most always in May.
Some of my earliest memories are of my Dad loading bushel baskets and his...not sure the name of the tool, but it was kind of like a pitchfork, but not, into the trunk of the car. The handle was half the length of a pitchfork's, and the tines were much thicker. The handle also had a...hmmm...a handle, on the end, that you could grab to get a better hold. He'd also pack a galvanized pail, and my Mom or Grandmother would pack a loaf of bread, a stick of margarine, and a butter-knife, some lawn chairs and off we'd go. My Dad had a favorite spot down by the "Indian reservation", along the Alleghany River. Dad would drive as far into the swampy area, as he dared, not wanting the tires to get bogged down, so's we'd get stuck. The first thing, before we even set foot out of the car, we kids were always warned to stay away from the skunk cabbage, because it's poison. While my Mom or Grandma sat and drank in the quiet of the area and watched Dad, as he scouted for the best batch of leeks, we kids ran around picking up stuff we thought was interesting, like feathers or sticks...'stuff', or just ran around pretending we were playing cowboys and Indians. "Aw-wite Bwackie, Weach fo' da Sky!!" (One of our favorite lines from some tv show.) Sometimes we'd 'help' look for patches of leeks, and Dad reminded us not to be fooled by leaves that had the same shape as the leeks, but they had mottled purple areas all over them, not pure dark green, and they may or may not have been poison as well.
Dad would dig up a patch of the leek onions, and wash them off in the pail of water, he had gotten from the river, then hand them to Grandma, who would then, clean them off even more, 'butter' slices of bread and stuff a layer of the raw leeks onto them, making the most luscious sandwiches. We'd eat them on the spot. It was our lunch. Omigosh they were good! People up there in western NY...my kin, still do that to this day, every year.
One thing, tho. We had to make sure this was done on a Saturday, or even Friday night, because if we kids ate them on a school night, then tried to go to school the next day, we'd be sent home. It was school policy. Leeks are that strong and 'stinky', but they are soooooo good. We never got sent home from school for that, but every once in awhile we'd hear through the 'grapevine' that "so and so's kid got sent home today because he ate leeks". It was almost told in hushed tones, as though it were a major social faux pas, and the parents might, from then on, be looked upon with one raised eyebrow; "How could they let their kid do that??"
Back at the swamp...When Dad had a few bushel baskets loaded to the gill, full of leeks, we'd head back home. Usually that night we'd have boiled ham and leeks with potatoes all cooked in the same pot, with a few raw leeks cleaned and 'trimmed' and standing all purdy in a glass of water in the middle of the supper table, for anyone who'd want another dose of them that way. When leeks are cooked, they take on a more mild flavor, but again, sooooo delicious. And as I remember, if we had cooked leeks, we could still go to school the next day.
Mom and Grandma would can leeks, too, and we had a family member who pickled them. Now that was another way to really enjoy them.
Needless to say, I haven't had them in at least eight years and I surely do miss them. That's why I'm 'campaigning' to go up this Spring to Franklinville, in western NY for their annual festival. Cappy has heard me talking and talking and talking about them, but has never tasted one yet. One thing I neglected to mention; leeks are a 'Spring tonic', and as I recall, a purgative as such. It should be an interesting long ride back home here, to South Louisiana, fraught with a lot of pit stops, but well worth the trip. And there's probably going to be an advantage to having nice fresh Spring air blowing in through the widely opened SUV windows.


My Favorite Things...(sing along with me)

Raindrops on bayous and whiskers on Cappy,
Bright, sincere smiles and chick-flicks that are sappy,
Brown chicken stewing in Gumbo with rice.
These are my favorite things that are nice.

Dreamy white clouds in an azure blue sky,
Writing our Blog posts, and stuff that we buy,
Laughing and sneezing, as we blend our spice,
These are my favorite things that are nice.

Visiting family and giving them hugs,
Dancing with Cappy and filling his mugs,
Practical jokes are my one special vice.
These are my favorite things that are nice.

When the news bites,
When the world stinks,
When I'm fuming mad,
I try to forget it and do something else,
And then I don't feel so had.

Curlie white Bichons, and no they're not poodles,
UPS truck bringing kit-and-kaboodle,
Sugar cane burning, the smell is so nice,
But here come the cockroaches~~~
Here come the mice!

When the toilet takes the cockroach,
When I hear the mouse TRAP!!!!
I think of those people I'd like to see there,
And then I don't feel so had......
And thennn I don't feel sooooooo baaaaaaad.

My Choice for Resident of the United States of America

Good old salt of the earth, Cappy. When he was off the boat the last time we were run, fun, running around. Because he wouldn't be home today to be able to go vote, we voted on October 21, so we got that done. Now, we just wait, with everyone else, on pins and needles, to see who will take over the country.
One of the things Cappy wanted to make sure we accomplished before he went back out on the boat, was to plant our little square foot garden. As you can see, we did it once again, "planted the back 48"...(square feet). As usual, we had help, in the form of two white curlie Bichons. SparkyBear is always Cappy's right hand 'little man', supervising, having his nose in everything we are doing.

We planted green onions, carrots, snow peas,beets, radishes and a bed of salad greens. MarkyBear told SparkyBear, "Tell him to plant asparagus".

I guess this Blog posting will be a little rushed, as I'm kind of distracted. I've got a lot going on, in that I have to have this year's Christmas cards completed in the next few weeks, ready to mail before we leave for western NY on the 27th. I'm also in the throes of our kitchen redesign and entails working with the coordination of carpenters, plumbers, cabinet builders, electricians, and salesmen for the new stuff. Thennnnn, there's still the matter of trying to FINALLY complete the shopping and wrapping gifts for Christmas to take north...it's taken me longer than I had anticipated. Then, the usual; same as with you, the "heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to". Stuff that happens.
Soooo, this individual resident of the United States of America, who dutifully cast her 1 (ONE) and only vote, will, with one eye on the news, get back to what she was a doin'.
(Oh, and guess who showed up at my door the other night? A John Wayne impersonator, wearing what I should be wearing when I deal with all these guys whom I'm trying to deal with about the house,...and his little sidekick. When the doorbell rang, the dogs exploded, barking the paint off the door, especially because they saw this shiney, evil little face smack up against the door window, leering in at them. The dogs thought it was downright WRONG and it took every bit of my strength to keep them from getting outa the crack in the door and taking a bite outa 'crime', while I tried to hand these perpetrators their candy.)
One last thing, fellow voters...think about this from both sides...I've said it before and I'm going to repeat it here: Once the country goes Barack, it can never go back. (I'm not on a soapbox...I'm on a tightrope) I'll try to lighten up tomorrow...EITHER way: The sun will come out TO-MORROWWWWW, Betcher Bottom Dollar That To-morrowwwwwww, there'll be SUNNNNNNNNNNN <:-/