Merry Christmas 2013



Happy Birthday, Thom

We wish to tell our son, Thom, Happy Birthday today. For some reason, his phone isn't working, so we haven't been able to contact him, but know he reads our Blog here, so....here ya go! If you see this, Thom, your Christmas/Birthday box should be there today (if it hasn't already gotten there) or if not today, it should be there tomorrow.
   Last night I made this little video of our "winter yard". We hardly EVER get snow, but there was going to be a hard freeze, so we had to cover about five of our new little trees. The pomegranate tree, which sits in an old whiskey barrel, didn't freeze to death...instead it came to life! It had fun playing with our cats. When Mama cat would pat her tail, the "tree" would dance. When Mama rolled on the ground and looked at the "tree", it would dance! Who in the world was this Stranger in our yard that morning?? Watch this short little video to see the "scary" show.  Nope...sorry, but the video wouldn't upload here on the Blog, so here's the youtube link (click on it; it's just us): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOKOf1Uxh38&feature=c4-overview&list=UUe6CkaSkPG0EXROyp-xQkjw