Merry Christmas 2012!!

Merry Christmas! I just got home from driving five hours to take Cappy and his crew their Christmas stockings and gifts. Like everybody, I've been rushing hither and yon trying to get things done. Now all I want to do is collapse into my nice soft bed surrounded by my nice soft bankies. What I'm going to do first is to put THIS year's Christmas card to you here on our Blog before I do anything else. I'm sorry to say that when I scanned it, and even tinkered with it a bit, the colors didn't come out looking as great as the original art. (...and I notice the snow glitter looks rather pathetic, too...rats.) Nontheless, our wishes for you are not faded. We hope you have a very wonderful Holiday...and because we want to include you in our celebration, we say to you, "Merry Christmas" and may God Bless you richly in the coming year.


LAST Year's Christmas Card...We Forgot to Post :">


Santa's Reindeer??

As soon as the morning fog burned off, I set about deboning the deer that followed me home off'n the boat.

It never fails, as soon as I start butchering or cleaning, scaling or filleting something in the yard, the dawgs are soon at my feet trolling for droppings.
It was like 78 degrees so I kinda hadda hustle to get it did before the meat warmed up.  I muscled the deer out and diced the whole thing, 'cept for the back straps into small bite size pieces. 
We save the long bones to make broth then freeze the broth and it becomes stock for soups and gumbos.
With Peg's help, we got it in the freezer pretty fast.  The Wild Game shelf is under the seafood shelf, in our Cajun freezer.  The seafood shelf is a little light but we not worried.  No tellin' what's gonna follow me home next hitch.  Peg picked at me saying a guy that looks like Santa aughta not butcher a deer in front of God and everybody out in da yard.  She was scared I would scandelize da neighborhood kids