Mark's the Spot

He could give a rat's fluffy tail now. He's got a 'war' injury. Yesterday, MarkyBear was out at the tree, as usual, barking up at one of those pecan pilfering squirrels. I got the waterhose, as usual, shot a jet at the big ball of grey pecan-stuffed fur. The squirrel dove from high in the tree to his usual soft landing pad...that being MarkyBear's big fat ol' soft back. MarkyBear, the "Bichon-zilla". By this time, Mark was wise to all that, and this time was ready to snatch the squirrel before it landed on him. MarkyBear twisted around, the squirrel landed with a thud next to him, and they both took off. The squirrel was kind of disoriented and didn't know which way to run around the fig tree, which is surrounded by mint and bricks. Normally, that would have given MarkyBear the extra time to actually catch the dreaded rat. But instead of hauling off after ol' "Rocky", he was hobbling on the ground wailing, "Medic!" I went over to see what the problem was. Mark is one to never complain of pain. At the vet's they are always amazed at how well he takes his shots, etc, without reacting at all. When I got over to him, near the fig tree, he was whimpering and shaking and holding up his back left leg.
The vet examined him and said that from what he could feel, he THOUGHT Mark tore a major ligament in his knee. He said what they usually do is to wait two weeks to see if the dog starts walking on it again, like with a sprain. If after two weeks, they are still not putting weight on it, then surgery must be considered. I told him it just so happened that we are going on vacation for two weeks, taking the dawgs with us. We aren't planning on any hikes or anything that would punish his knee. He can just have the family we are visiting 'baby' him.
...And, they weighed him at the vet's, too. He had gained another lb., even with all the excercise he'd been getting lately. I've always had in the back of my mind, that "Watermelon Boy" with "toothpick legs",... not a good mix.
Alright Miserable Squirrels, TAKE the stinkin' pecans...they are all yours...again...this year. Cappy and I are formulating another set of plans, and they don't include painting a bull's eye on Mark's back, ya rotten thangs! Rocky and "Bull's eye" indeed.
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