Singing: "Own the Road Again; We Just Can't Wait to Own the Road Again"

Hey all. I've fought and fought with dis blogger and it's been giving me fits again with my photos. This is just a quick note anyhow to let ya'll know we will be heading North to "Rah-cha-cha" NY. (Rochester) The doggies won't be going with us this time. They were fun to travel with last time, but we figured, "Not this time". If we happen to run into a computer, we'll letcha know how things are going with the "Fambly" up there. Be sure when we get back, we'll have plenty of pictures to arm wrestle the blogger about.
Cappy plans on taking our 'dog and pony' show to cook authentic Cajun Jambalaya. As I'm typing, I've got Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo simmering on the back burner. Fall is the time when people in Louisiana begin thinking about gumbo. Cappy taught me how to make the thick stew-like type. There's another type that's more soup-like...more broth than gravy. He said he was only going to make Jambalaya up there and not Gumbo, so I'm thinking...maybe I could sneak a gallon of my Gumbo along with the Cajun sausage, Boudin, and other goodies in one of the ice chests. Hey, I'm kinda proud to be able to 'cook Cajun', too. I learned from da best, and he really likes my Gumbo. Our 'kids' up north never had me cook them File` gumbo and it's something I want to do. First I 'smothered' okra, deboned the duck, which Cappy had smoked months before, then had cut up and stuck in the freezer. I took the duck bones and made a broth from them, and made a dark chocolate colored roux. All that along with chopping tons of 'trinity' veggies to go into it took hours and now it's been simmering whilst I prepare to get ready to travel. No wonder they call it a labor of love.
HEY! What happened to my 'quick note' to ya'll?? Gosh, once I get going...
Will talk with you all later. (We'll take any 'traveling mercies prayers' that you may want to offer up for us.) We love you, Take Care, Hugs, Cappy and Pegody
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