A Picture Worth Many Words

I am not gonna rant about the many millions the Corps of Engineers spent on the new flood wall to upgrade New Orleans' hurricane protection. The new wall can be seen here all clean white and grafitti free. They recently scrubbed off a rather poinient one word statement that was located about a mile further to the left. It plainly said, "HINDSIGHT" and needed say no more; however even a ole country boy Cappy can easily see that the top 3 feet of this multi-million dollar flood wall aint even gonna get wet if there comes a flood. Bet ya aint gonna see this picture when the media toots the horn, patting the Corps on the back. Oh well, like I said , I aint gonna rant; I'll just let the picture voice my opinion of our tax dollers at work.
For those of you, who don't get it, at first glance, click on the picture to make it bigger and notice where the bright white wall slopes down to meet the older existing floodwall. What do YOU think will happen when the water comes up?
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