Our Town's Forum Gathering of Friends, Food & Fun

This morning two trucks, four guys showed up to put a new water heater in our attic, and right away I started apologizing for the disarray, mentioning that we were still recovering from the weekend. One of the guys reminded me that it was Wednesday. (Wednesday?! Already??) Ever since Cappy 'hit da bank' we've been running and running. Yesterday we went to New Orleans, did a tiny bit of shopping in the French Market, which, in our opinion, is just not ready for tourists yet, let alone serious local shopping. Half of the place is still under repair, and the other half is populated with wares that are way over-priced and just 'stuff'. We did enjoy lunch at Jimmy Buffett's Margueritaville Cafe across the street. The lady in the black T-shirt, center in the above photo, Susan aka "Swag" to our town Forum friends, was with us as we meandered around on foot and in the SUV, not knowing where or what we were going to do next. Just a laid back kinda day. We were hoping one of our online friends, who lives in New Orleans would join us, so that after approx. ten years of 'knowing her', but never having met her, we could 'hug her neck', as Cappy says. Alas, it was not to be, but we had a good time getting to know Susan. Susan lives in Texas but came to town to attend the local town Forum's get together, which took place this last Sunday...the real weekend. She wears a perennial beautiful smile, as you will see from the slideshow of said Forum Gathering. Here's the slideshow, but more will be said in another forthcoming Blog posting about our new friend, "Swag".
OH! And at the right-hand side of the slideshow, there's an option to view in a better quality...I prefer to do that. Also there's an icon that you can click on the bottom right, that will make the video into a full screen for your viewing pleasure, as well. OK...da slideshow---> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=DuzU9EoBxTk

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