Devouring the Seafood Courtboullion 2009

Hi Yall! What a day it was! (July 3...last week) Life with Cappy when he's off that boat is sometimes so fast-paced, but fun. Some days it feels like I have to hold onto my hat to keep up with him. Now, I know I sound like a broken record, but making slideshows or anything on this computer takes time cuz it always fights me. The same way with the kitchen island or anything. Fight, fight, fight...and whyyyyyy???? They know I'm goina win, so why the battle. So here we have it, the latest Seafood Courtboullion 2009 slideshow fresh off the presses.Although the computer crashed 11 times in the last few hours, and it ate pictures of friends and neighbors...good pictures, too, and devoured titles I had spent hours putting onto the seafood courtboullion photos that did survive, I'm blogging it while the blogging is good. I do have to thank and apologize to our beautiful neighbors, Sonia, Abby, Maggie, Monica, all of whom brought wonderful desserts, but they...Sonia, Abby, Maggie and Monica's beautiful pictures got 'eaten', almost as quickly as their wonderful bread pudding and chocolate 'mudpie' (I know that's not the right name). Now that's just WRONG!!!
We also have to especially thank our buddies, Sam, Todd and Stephen, who worked like dawgs out in the near 100 degree heat, chopping and dicing meats, etc. for the bbq and Seafood Courtboullion AND the big pot of Jambalaya the next day! The worst part of it is; I don't know if they even got a bite of food for all their labor. If I'm not mistooken, Sam AND Todd had to leave before it was even ready!
I don't know what Cappy and I ever did to deserve friends like these, but Thank God for them all! We also had the honor of having a 'couple of couples' from our local town Forum, which we have mentioned on occasion. Mr. Skip, with his special brand of humor, has made me 'snort coffee' while reading his posts in the morning on the Forum way too many times to mention, so this was our chance to 'get' him. This past week was his and Mrs. Sara's 40th anniversary, so he must be doing something right:-)
And Mr. Bebe` and his wife, Mrs. Hazel...just two of the lovliest people you'll ever find on the face of this earth showed up. We were sooo glad to see them here.
Now as far as the Seafood Courtboullion itself...the potful of seafood and tomato 'gravy', I think the usual flock of buzzards swooped and left nary a quart out of the whole pot. Oh yeah...the whole thing is gone now! :-P
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