Spoiled Fishing Trip

While at work last hitch, the phone rang and when I answered it, it was the dispatcher with our next location to go to. I whooped with excitement at the news so loud he complained that I had scared him into dropping the phone. The orders were for us to proceed to my favorite catfishing spot, to load oil the next day. By my quick calculations I figured that we should arrive there around 2 P.M., leaving plenty fishing time that afternoon. When my relief captain took my place, I ran downstairs excitedly preparing my fishing tackle for the event. Last year I had caught this catfish, along with several other frying-pan sized ones in a couple of hours and had a wonderful time. Imagine my disappointment when we got there, we rammed into a plug of lilies that made it very difficult to get to the dock.
The second picture, here, is of the very same place. The angle is a little different because the picture was taken from up in the wheelhouse, whereas the fish picture was taken from the back deck, but I assure ya, it's the same place. It's pretty obvious I didn't even get a line in the water this time :-(
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