Symbolic Seagulls

As most of yall know, I am a big fan of the TV show 'Deadliest Catch'. Last time I was home I watched a special as several of the boat captains paid tribute to their fallen comrade, Captain Phil Harris. Guys who work on boats are a close knit bunch, and I have seen over the years several different ways guys honor lost friends. I was touched by the crew of the Wizard as Captain Keith rang 8 bells and the crew slid a full crab pot over the side, in honor of their lost friend. The crew of the Time Bandit had a more rousing send off by shooting off a bunch of fireworks and whooped and waved their hats in the air. This really put a tear in my eye; it's more fitting in my book. Cajuns do mourn the loss of a friend but we always finish up by celebrating the person's life.The last tribute on the show showed Sig, the captain of the Northwestern, making a moving statement about a lone seagull that had perched on the bow of his boat. His thought was that the seagull was the spirit of the departed had come to say goodbye. This kinda struck me funny and I thought about it all month at work. Seagulls are fun to watch and all, but a seagull as the spirit of a lost sailor?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!
If seagulls are symbolic, I wonder who this squawkin', struttin' crappin' bunch represents. Certainly no friends of mine. :-)
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