Drop O' Da Hat BBQ

Peg and I were wandering through the local grocery store last week and we spied the pork spare ribs on sale.  Well, it's from such things that back yard adventures are started. 
We got a couple racks and were home making preparations in a very few minutes.  I broke out a charcoal lighter thingy I had recently bought and I must say it worked as advertised.  A few wadded up sheets of newspaper and a couple gentle breaths was all it took to light the coal.  Once it was lit good I poured it in da pit and dumped more charcoal on top.  With our BBQ mascot Pourky da Pig standing guard, it wasn't long before da pit was ready for the meat.   

Good ole Pourky stood guard with a belly full of water in case of flare-ups.

After adjusting the temperture by tweaking the damper, the pit was ready for the goodies.  The grilled asparagus is one of Peg and I's favorite "cappytizers".  Believe it or not, the chicken is for the dogs, and the ribs rubbed with a sweet, spicy rub and later were basted in Peg's lip smacking BBQ sauce then put back on the pit to "coast".  The last picture coulda been yours hadda you been here.  The asparagus didn't stand a chance getting to the plate what with me, Peg and da dawgs munching on 'em.  Just think; all that, just on the spur of the moment, drop o the hat, and if'n ya know us, ya know that ole hat gets dropped quite often.
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