Black Out Friday

Out on the boat, me and da crew spent "Black Friday", "Blacked out".  No cell phone, no T.V., no radio, and no computer internet service.  But...we also had no crowded stores and the only line to be found impatiently waiting was the one at the door to the "head" (bathroom) in the morning after the day before's excess.  We feasted on turkey, rice dressing, green beans and sweet tater puddin' for desert.  Maybe not the variety ya get at home but we had plenty.  As ya can see from the pictures of our navigation systems, we truely were at the bottom of the Country. (The little green boat is us. And in the lower photo, we are the where the red arrow is pointing...more than 100 miles south of New Orleans)
You never realize how nice it is to 'have', 'til ya don't.  Something we forgot to be thankful for Thanksgiving is the advantages of the technology we are blessed with.
The quiet day came to a fittin' end as we came in from the extreme southeast of the state.  All of a sudden my phone lit up with several messages and I was again able to hear my sweet Peggy's voice and enjoy listening to the high-school football playoffs.  It's good sometimes to be reminded of the little things that make this such a blessed life we all live.
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