Lemon "Shine"

You might know it would be on the eve of a full moon, when Cappy took to looking like a moonshiner. We had only just gotten back from town, him all freshly bathed and dressed up in his loud and colorful Cajun clothes that suit his larger than life personality so well, so as to fit in (if that's possible for us) with the "dinner crowd"  at one of our favorite restaurants in Thibodaux, LaPalma's, afterwhich we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things, for the project I'm about to let you in on.
   Oh, and before he got all "spiffied up"  he had spent the morning and the better part of the afternoon at our friend, Sam's smokehouse, along with a bunch of his buddies, making andouille and "coon gumbo",  just laughing, tipping a few, having fun being all rowdy and thoroughly enjoying each other's company. (Louise and I stayed safely in her house working on a puzzle she had gotten me for Christmas.)
   Now, presently, Cappy had been doing research about what all we might do with our lemons and the leftover peels, etc. One of the things he hit upon was to make lemon extract, using vodka. Our trip down the grocery aisle included a couple of litres of Smirnoff's plain, unflavored vodka  (On one of his researches he learned that Smirnoff's brand was "celiac safe".) and a case of pint canning jars. 
  When we got home, the first thing he did was to get out of his "dress clothes" and get comfortable. He was in such a hurry to get to his lemon extract project that he didn't even take the time to put on a t-shirt, as usual, or his shoes for that matter. He was so excited that he dove right into the project. I thought he looked like one of those guys on the tv show, "Moonshiners". Whatcha think?
  As for what he did, it was simple enough; he just julliened the peels, stuffed them into the pint jars, filled them with the Smirnoff "wood-kah", and screwed the lids on. And now we have only to wait 'til.....once in a blue moon, or something like that, to see the results of his efforts.
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