Wasp Stings

I go years between wasp stings. I aint afraid of ém, and we do not disturb them when they nest in our yard. Since honey bees are very scarse these days the wasp take up the slack and help with pollination. If ya don't freak out and go to swatting at them they don't bother ya. Every once and a while though while working in the yard I'll get stung. Usually because I trap a wasp in a fold of clothes or accidently pinch one in my hand while weeding or mucking out the jungle that is our yard. That's what happened yesterday while I was trimming back the wisteria that covers our door. A big red wasp landed on my back and got mashed between my shirt and overall strap. he stung me good before I could reach back and get him out from under the strap. It stung like fire so I immediately went to my favorite home remedy, while hollering for peg I dug in my pocket and found a old tarnished penny. walked in the house took off my shirt exposing an already angry red swelling sting. Peg pressed the penny over the sting and stuck it in place with a piece of tape, A bandaid works too. in a few minutes the stinging was gone and a couple hours later se removed the peny for me and there was no swelling and no discomfort. I don't know why this works and neither did my grandpa who taught this trick to me(he usta keep bees) but it does and das all I need to know.
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