Saturday Brisket

AT 07:15 this morning I fired up the charcoal chimney.
At 08:00 I took a "briskey " I had seasoned the night before with Crystal Hot Sauce, our own Cajun seasoning, and some Worcestershire sauce then parked it on the cool side of the pit.
The asparagus ferns slowly went from silver to green as the dew dried, and I picked several handfuls of strawberries for breakfast.

Here's the brisket after 1 hour

  Friend Sam showed up we went on a beer run and sat under the patio shooting the breeze and maybe drank a bit much.  The brisket did a good job of cooking itself  and we put some corn and Sam's home grown onions on the pit to keep the brisket company.
You may notice that the small end got sampled a few times;  you an' I both know ya gotta "check it" and we don't believe in those fancy digital, geeky probes or nothing.  Sampling is more fun anyways.  Well, as these things usually go, I forgot to take a picture of a plate, like usual, and by the time Peggy got home that night both me and the Brisket were pretty well done.  It did get a nice smoke ring.
It was moist and tender and wonderful.  Peggy came home late from a road trip to Florida and brought home a new member of our family, more about that later."

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