Saying Goodbye To An Old 'Friend'

   Don't worry; it's not our good friend, "Smokin" Sam aka "Bobec", but his old beloved, well-seasoned, well-used, plywood smokehouse.
Those of you, who regularly read our Blog, will recognize the ole plywood smoker. The "07" sign on the front of it, designates the year it was put into service, and over the years, it has made several appearances on these postings.  I hated to see the old thing go, but you can see from it's inside, that it was probably time.     
Last night I scored a Boston Butt roast and slathered it with our South Louisiana's Steen's cane syrup; both sides, top and bottom. 
Then I sprinkled on our own Cajun spice. 
...then some Worcestershire sauce.  
 ...followed by Chrystal Hot sauce; all of which is gluten free for Peggy.  
 Since it was nice and cold last night, I parked the roast in the bbq pit outside. I got up this morning and seasoned the three baking hens we had also thawed, using the same spices and "woo", but without the cane syrup, because these hens are destined for future gumbos and we don't want them smoked 'sweet'. By 7:30 this morning, our pork roast and the three hens, along with what Sam had goin' on, were all occupying prime locations in Sam's spacious new cypress smokehouse.   

  Sam had a couple chickens and a couple slabs or ribs, and boy, everybody looked so pretty by the time he was done with 'em.
Drivin' home, can you just imagine how my Jeep musta smelled, bringin' all those smoked goodies home after they'd been sitting' in some really good smoke for five hours??   
  Two of the smoked hens went directly into the freezer (after they cooled down, of course), and one of them went into the fridge; can smokey gumbo be far away? The smoked Boston butt went into the oven for about another four or five hours, taking it's time till it was 'fall apart done'. 
This being done, it was well-cooked, and once cooled enough to handle, we pulled it apart by hand.

 Actually shredded it by hand, then we poured Peggy's homemade bbq sauce onto it.  
  We stirred this together and it's now and amazing pulled pork, that we just can't stay out of. We shared some of it with a couple of our neighbors, who have shared some of their prized dishes with us, and we are awaiting their verdict.  

Personally, we say the stuff is guilty of being so danged good that we can't stay out of it, and we'd better hurry up and get the rest of it into the freezer before we hurt ourselves. We could say we miss our old 'friend', Sam's original smoker, that he built himself, but this brand new, foot deeper smokehouse that his son, Stan, built for him, has fast become our newest best smoker friend, with our good buddy, Smokin' Sam at the helm.   

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