Are We a Pair or What?!

I, Peggy, am guilty of not contributing to this blog, of late. I'm behind the scenes editing the wonderful posts Cappy writes and 'waving hello' to you, but not writing much else here at Cappy and Pegody's World. I FaceBook sometimes, but mostly I've been busy co-authoring our book. Cappy's got his part finished and it has been so, since December, but I'm still busily working away on 'my side of da deal'.
   Today, as it is Mother's Day, and since we started this Blog way back ten years ago, primarily for our kids, who live so far away, we thought I should write them (and you) a post.
  Cappy said, tho', that before I did, I needed to post an updated photo of us. Well, since he wanted a photo of both of us, we decided to try our very first attempt at one of those dreaded "selfies" everybody is always talking about. A simple task for most everybody...but us. Here ya go. Cappy took the first five tries and this is the best of those. 
I tried the next five or so times, and this is what I came up with:
No wonder they call them 'selfies'...Cappy took himself, I took myself. Finally, he took another batch that he decided wasn't all that bad, considering the day was wastin' away. And here that is; the end, done.
So now ya know what we kinda/sorta look like from the neck up...thank you for that.
  I wrote the little story that follows that's just another fine example of how we operate on a daily basis...well, in this case a nightly basis. (I guess I need to preface it with: #1 a nurse on FaceBook, who's a friend of ours was having a difficult time getting to sleep so I wrote this for her. #2 People on FaceBook said it was funny. #3 Today, Mindy, who works at Dollar General said she laughed  when she read it, saying she could just picture us doing this. Those three reasons made me think I should add it here on our Blog just for you! Now you can picture us, too. Hope you like it.)
A Bedtime Story for Suzanne:
Not sure why, but sometimes I wake up hollering...LOUD! I used to teach my kids how to enunciate and speak or sing Loudly enough when they sang or spoke publicly. "Put each and every word wayyyyy over on that far wall...LOUD!" And so they did...and maybe still do.
I know how to do it.
The other night, I slept by myself out in the camper in our yard to get some rest because the dogs wake me up some nights. It was an experiment. I had the windows open out there enjoying the night air with my face practically on the screen, as I slept soundly. About two 0'clock in the morning, I was dreaming that I was out in the yard in the dark by myself (which I was, actually) I dreamed I saw this lady in the dark yard next door.  She was looking in a mirror, so I said, "You look nice."
I turned to go across the lawn into our house, but only got three steps when the lady, in reality was a man who grabbed me! I yelled loud enough for Cappy to hear me in the house, "HELP!!!" the yell even woke me up. It woke up our dogs across the driveway, in the house, on the far side of the house. Cappy said they 'exploded', barking at about two a.m., but he didn't know why. I thought, "Uh oh...the neighbors coulda heard that." About eight minutes later, a patrol car cruised through the dark neighborhood.
About a month ago, I woke up punching the daylights out of one of my pillows, but I don't think I hollered that time. From what Cappy sez, I have a lot of nightmares and yell a lot. "Scared the crap out me and da dawgs!!"
   This morning I dreamed I was letting our dogs into the house one night.  MarkyBear was almost in the house, but a pack of coyotes was right on his heels. I wanted to scare them, so I barked LOUDLY at them and kicked at them. When I pulled my foot back in under the sheet, I realized I was dreaming and woke up.  
I laid there quietly...the dogs were apparently still sleeping...Hah! I got away with it this time; no hollering.
Cappy calmly asked, "What was that??"
(Dang...busted) "Uh...I was trying to keep the wolves out." (I was still half asleep) 
Silence, then ..."It's working," he said.
"Huh?" I asked.
He repeated, "It's working."
"Whaddaya mean?" I axed.
He said, "...there's no wolves here in the bedroom."
"Uhm...did I talk out loud?"
"No, you BARKED! Scared the HELL outa me and BeauxBear; he jumped about a foot off the bed and dug my belly when he did. ROOF!!! ROOF!!! like that! I wondered what. in. the. hell. YOU were barking at."
I told him, "Well, at least it wasn't as bad as the time you woke up with me walloping you on the head yelling, "Knock it off, Joe!"
Now Suzanne, if you are still awake, GO TO BED. "soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr ROOF ROOF!"
Well, kids, there you have it. I must be out of practice...I can't make the paragraph indentations right today. Just one more example of 'how we roll' around here. We are a pair, aint we?
Happy Mothers Day, Yall
and Happy Others Day, Yall!

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