A Pair Of Doves Come Home To Roost

We were thrilled to see a pair of Doves (Peg calls them 'morning doves') build a nest on our patio.  There are a lot of them in our neighborhood. We've always enjoyed hearing them 'coo' and seeing them here and there, and occasionally visiting our yard. We have often seen them perched on the high lines, in pairs.  We were surprised, and frankly, quite honored to see them building a nest in our patio. They are not bothered  by our noisy comings and goings and even sat through one of our smokey BBQ's. 
   Our kittens have all flown the coop, so to speak, hopefully to nice homes in the neighborhood. They just, one by one, 'up' and disappeared. Heartbreaking, but it's the life of yard cats in our town. If cats do have nine lives, they are living it up somewhere else; we just hope they are happy. Their "Mama" disappeared along with them for about five days, then came back injured, so now, she's a house cat. ($ getting her and her kids "fixed", and now more $ getting her repaired...surgery...yow! The look on our wallet's face? Priceless.) She's had a rough life and she's a serene, sweet good girl, so...we shrug and say, "Whatcha gonna do?"
  It's with this thought in mind, the doves, who apparently trust us, might have a nice life on our patio. A few weeks ago, with Mama and her brood lurking about and bringing us birds, frogs and mice, we're pretty sure these doves wouldn't have had a chance of survival.
   It's the ebb and flow of life in our yard. Not that long ago, we could say our yard was "wholly cats", then our garden got "squashed", now things have "dovetailed" into another dimension that we will enjoy, until this adventure evolves into who knows what. Leastwise, to us, it's always interesting.
    We just got a new video camera, so, in an effort to get used to it, we thought we'd make you this little video: 
We will let yall know when they hatch.
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