Folks have been asking us about our Cajun Long-horn okra and how to grow them. Well, here is a picture of a young okra plant. Notice the bottom leaf. It was left intentionally and chosen 'cause of its angle towards the outside of the garden. (Having it grow to the outside of the garden means that it won't crowd the other plants in the garden.) It will thicken and become a secondary stalk and grow okra as well. So, we will have 2 stalks on one plant. The next okra, above it is ready to pick, and when we do, we will remove the leaf growing with it. Further up ya can see a small okra growing and a bloom above it that will become an okra. As we harvest the okra, we take off the leaf that is growing with it. This makes the plant grow tall and produce more okra. I'll post more on the same plant later as it grows to show its progress. Peg asks that I mention the marigold flowers in our garden. They keep cats bunnies and other pesky critters outa our garden. These marigolds smell awful in my opinion and it seems the local wild life agrees with me.Posted by Hello
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