Home-Sweet-Home and Tugboat-Sweet-Tugboat are not the same thing.

We 'weathered' the first tropical storm of the year, Arlene. We didn't get a drop of rain, but as I speak, New York State is getting drenched by her. As usual, I always worry about Cappy out on 'da boat' in storms. Even tho he didn't get any rain, either, the guys out on the boats always have to worry about wind that can kick up dangerously high waves. They usually put the tugboat and barge 'holed up' in some narrow 'slip' where they can tie up, if to nothing else, than to some strong trees, and wait til things get calm enough to continue their jouney.
When Cappy first gets on dry land, it takes him about two days to get rid of his 'sea legs' and begin walking normally. I guess nothing on the boat is stable, with it's constantly bobbing up and down, so he has to walk with his feet kinda spread out to keep his balance. In their galley, they have to have these, for lack of a better word, pipes laid out on their stove to keep pots from moving around while they are cooking. Lately, at home, I've noticed that he's always commented on my having a sink "so full of water"...I've never questioned him about it, but last week I got curious. I've seen him warily eye my sink many times, so finally I asked, "Am I wasting water? I just like a nice full sink of suds." He said, "Oh I was just thinking you wouldn't like it so much if a big wave suddenly hit the side of the house and.....uh....oh...never mind, I guess you don't have to worry about that here."
I should hope not.
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