Gnawing on the Corner of This New Keyboard

I know it's a wonderful computer, this new one...but it's driving me CRAZY!!! I've spent all morning, half the afternoon and some time this evening trying to stop this thing from calling things I'm trying to open, "pop-ups", and blocking them. It has a sweet little blue thingy that invites me to click it to peek at the Pop-up anyhow. Liar. The blue thingy was like a mule. Did nothing, so I tried to wait it out. Then I poked it a few more times. I was tempted to poke it with my fist. A very nice geek on the helpline was telling me to click buttons here and there that did not exist....or if they did, do not exist where they are supposed to exist. Ahhhh WELLLL, just turn it all off, this pop-up blocker. So I did. SEVERAL times. I crawled into the bowels of everything I could think of on here, wandered down several dark halls, and found the pop-up blocker disable magic button, and gingerly and lovingly touched it, hope rising ...again.... and AGAIN. Try again to get to view my own Blog....NOPE. It's still considered a pop-up. ARRRGH!
I'm goina go find something to read. (I missed Ya'll too...pray for me....arrrgh.)
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