Cappy's Rebuttal

To those of you who delve, on occasion, into the bowels of our blog, may remember my sweet wife, Peggy, mentioning my reaction to the kitchen sink while she is washing dishes. I'd like to present exhibit "A" for my defense.Please consider that I spend 2/3 of my life on a boat, where,
#1. We carry a limited amount of potable water.
#2. A sink as full as the picture above, would slop everywhere,
everytime the boat rolled.
With these two facts in mind, I'm sure ya can understand my horror, when sauntering through our kitchen at home in search of a beer, I see this!!! If I temporarily forget that I'm not on the boat, which happens if I 'aint' been home too long, or have had a few beers too many, imagine my shock! I immediately 'freak ' and wait patiently for the sinkto slop over, with the next swell I can still feel in my sea-legs. She giggles at my distress, but I assure you, my panic is caused from long habit.

This is what the sink looks like when I wash dishes. I guess 2 weeks off gives us plenty of time to pick at each other so heres my jab.
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