Rainy Day BBQ

Well, we finally got the rain we desperately needed, so we did what any happy cajun couple would do on a rainy day and invited over some friends and family for a bbq. I marinated some chicken over night in our cajun seasoning and some sparkling wine(hey ya use what ya got) and put it on the pit with the mandatory sausage. Its like against the 'law' to light a pit in Louisiana with out sausage and the last thing we need is the bbq police crashin the party. As an experiment, I used some of that Jack Danials whiskey barrel chip smoking wood. I know it sounds a lil trendy for us tacky cajuns, but it smelled like bourbon, so i figured what the heck. It sure made a fine smoke and by the time the coals 'took ',I had half the neighborhood smokey. Don't ya love folks who experiment on their guests at a cook out? Peggy made some of her infamous coleslaw and we warmed up some left over bean soup from the other day, and to top it off we roasted some apples in brown sugar and butter with pecans on the pit as well. Oh, and let's not forget it was 5$ daquarie day at the local drive-through daquarie stand. The crowd consumed several........ gallons. I stuck with a few beers, which in Lousiana I think, is a bbq requirement. Anyways, it was a lot of fun even though there was like an inch of water on the patio and it rained the whole time. What's a lil rain when ya got a patio full of fun lovin cajuns. We took a few pics; for a look click the title above, which is the link.
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