Start Spreading The News; They're Leaving Today...New York, New York!

Very excited here. They are on their way! Cappy couldn't wait any longer and called early this morning to see if Dan, his fiance` (Jennifer), and three kids had left yet. When Dan said, "No, not yet" his Pop said, "Ya'll take after your mother!" My Mom always told me, "You'll be 'late' for your own funeral!" I didn't 'get' it til years later.
Anywaze...they are On da way! I haven't heard from them as yet. I don't want to bother them while they are traveling. Migosh, Rochester, where they are leaving to come here, had winds gusting to 77 miles per hour today. Hurricane force winds have to be at least 75 mph to qualify for hurricane status. When the winds are approx. 35 mph down here, they close the causeway over Lake Pontchartrain. I sure have been praying for them to have 'traveling mercies' on the way down; not only for them, but others who have to be out in it. Dan told 'Pop' this morning that they wanted to try to beat the snow that was expected. Hah! I see where it's going to be snowing for them most of the way down, til they get here. Then it's going to be in the bitter 50's for a couple of days before it gets back up into the upper 60's.
It's Mardis Gras season here, but people are a little reticent about celebrating with the usual gusto. The controversy is all over the national media, so I'm sure I don't have to delve into it. I plan on taking the family to NOLA (New Orleans, LA) during the day to see what family oriented things are going on. I read in the paper, that the first parade that was scheduled to "roll" was cancelled. It doesn't matter, there are TONS of things always going on down here. I only wish Cappy could be off the boat to be with us. Cappy's family always gathers in Lafayette, where they celebrate Mardis Gras. The city is alive with revellers at a much tamer pace than New Olreans. At least until last year it did. I plan on taking our little clan there to meet their new Cajun family, chow down on Cajun cuisine, catch beads from the floats in the childrens' parade, and just generally learn how to "pass a good time, Cher". They need to make Cappy proud of his own little flock, by also learning how to yell, "Laissez le bon ton roulez, cher!" and "AAAAAAAiEEEEEEEE!!!" (the Cajun yell of Joy).
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