Taking My Mind Out for a Walk

As Mark Twain once said, and most likely paraphrasing here, 'When some people have nothing to say, they open their mouths and say it anyway'. That's usually me.
Cappy is back out on the boat, and I'm still in the wake of his departure, letting out a deep sigh, and sort of wondering, "Ok now what to do". I'd really like to go for a long walk along this road. It's a picture we took near Port Allegany, PA when we visited the area last September. I remember 'the big girls' taking me for walks here when I was very, very little, possibly as young as three years old. It was such a delicious setting, and amazingly hasn't changed a bit. When we stopped to take the picture, I just wanted to sit in the car and take a nap because it's just so serene here. But alas, we were in a rush.
I could be in a rush today if I wanted to. I have plenty to do. I don't wanna. I have to be in a rush tomorrow. Some people in town are having a 50th Wedding anniversary, so I am going to that. I may have to leave early because our Gospel Choir 'has' the 4 P.M. Mass, and I plan on singing with them.
Gosh, I told ya I've got nothing much to say. The last 'exciting' thing that happened was in the driveway at 5 A.M. yesterday. Cappy and I were all piled in the SUV with his seabags, cell phones, etc., etc., ett-sett-ala, all ready to pull outa the driveway. The neighbor's bright security light came on blasting Cappy in the eyes. He thought it was a car rushing toward us, turned to see, and knocked his quart-size 'to go' coffee cup upside down all over his ....uh...self. "Rahggghhhhh!!! Yow!" It seems I had left a small box of raisins in the little cup holder, so his 'to go' cup wasn't secure. He hadda rush into the house and change. When he came back out he told me that boxes of raisins do NOT belong in the cup holders. That's a good rule to live by. I'd better go write that down somewhere. That ol' Mark Twain knew what he was talking about.
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