Getting Our Ducts in Order

I mentioned in yesterday's posting, that I hadn't been feeling all that great lately. I've had trouble sleeping, waking up coughing during the night and feeling just miserable. It never occured to me that our A/C ducts needed cleaning or replacing. Recently, when I woke up coughing during the middle of the night, I realized that it's only been occuring when the air-conditioning has come on, even in the daytime. Being an "X-Yankee" the thought that A/C vents needed tending to, never crossed my mind. Well, Cappy found an ad for Advanced Cleaning Solutions and gave them a call. Yesterday a young crew showed up and gave us an estimate, then sent out Taylor and Alex today to do the job.

The poor guys; today's temps are in the 90's outside, so the attic temperatures must have gotten way up over the 100's. It was dark, hot and cramped up there, but they worked patiently and quietly the whole time, even enduring a nosy Pegody who was underfoot, whether in the miserably steamy attic or outside in the broiling heat, busily snapping pictures. First they got rid of the old decaying vent system, then replaced it with the new; not an easy undertaking, under the best of circumstances.

The stuff looked unwieldly to work with, especially with a SparkyBear licking their ankles every time they came down the ladder. I managed to keep him away from them as much as I could, but MarkyBear was no problem; he was flopped in the 'shade' of the coffee table the whole time, panting. Whenever I thought the heat got uncomfortable, I thought of Taylor and Alex up in the attic, sweltering away, trying to do the best job they could for us. Even the camera wilted when I took it back up the ladder for another shot of the guys' progress.
I think they were still smiling by the time they got finished. Between the DOG and me pestering them, asking them their names, so I could put it on our Blog here...then forgetting their names and having to ask again, and as I said, having the camera stuck in their hot and sweaty faces practically the whole time; I do know they were glad to be out of here. As they were leaving, I was thinking they were "nothing but nice", and me, being me, I thought they must be thinking, "nothing but net...butterfly net". But ya know? As they were walking around the truck to leave, one of them said, "Have a Blest day". What a refreshing thing to say, in light of the way a lot of people talk nowdays. They are nice guys and they do good work...AND they brought a breath of fresh air into our house in more ways than one.

Taylor and Alex
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