I Swear I'm Gonna Smother 'em with my Bare Hands!

I'm just not going to pick 'em with my bare hands anymore...these things are prickery! A couple of times I thought I'd gotten stung by something, but it was just the tiny little...eensy bitsy needles that grow on these okras or their tall 'bean stalks'. Tonight I just went out and picked 33 of these 'long-horn' okra. We leave a few of them on the stalks for seeds for next year. Now the freezer is getting so full of them, that, to make room, Cappy told me to 'smother' a bunch of them down, to make more space. For those of you Yankees, (like myself), who've never 'wrapped your tongue around' smothered okra, ohmigosh, you've really missed something! I'll have to post the recipe or something, but it's got sauteed onions, Cajun sausage, and spices; and that's just the start. Mmmm-Mmmm.

Now, as you can tell by this other picture, the cucumbers are finally giving up, hence the browning foliage on either end of the garden bed. I knew one of us would have to give up,eventually; it was either them or me. I have about twenty of them sitting on the countertop waiting to be made into ...(gulp)...even more pickles. What I've been doing with them, is to make bread and butter freezer pickles, with honey as the sweetener. It might sound a little strange, but it's been the easiest thing I could do with all of them. The batches in the freezer have been dwindling because the guys out on Cappy's boat decided they love 'em, then made the mistake to dish some of them out to their pumpers (the guys who work out on the oil platforms). By the way Cappy talked tonight, they've been having their elbows in each other's eye-sockets to get their share. Well, dang! That's a good thing, all the way around.

I haven't blogged much lately, not having felt too well, myself, but am presently feeling much, Much, better, just in case you've been wondering where in the heck I've been of late. Working out in the yard in the fresh air has really helped, too. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate not having to look at the neglected yard. The weeds had the the trees surrounded, like so many green lilliputions of the plant world, waving their weapons of grass destruction, threatening to take over the trees, the yard, and those of our neighbors thru ill wind. Bad enough the neighbors swallowed tons of cucumbers and pickles that were dragged out of our yard by the sackful, til they'd see me coming, cover their mouth and say politely, that they'd had enough. It's a good thing we are running out, and that the last victims will be Cappy's crew. MmmmWaaaaHaaaHaaa...I've been killing 'em with kindness, smothering them with 'love' from my kitchen.

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