Cappy's Gustav Story

I spent hurricane Gustav safely moored in one of the company's fleets. I was secured to a fleet of our barges, which were tied to a lot of big cyprus trees on an island. The name of the island is Graveyard Island; I aint superstitious but, wouldn't a Safe Harbor island or somethin' been more comforting?? Being between the island and the bank, we were safe from most angles; the wind could blow, and we were very well tied down. We spent the day before securing the boat and barge and "battening the hatches". We duct taped the windows and waited the storm out. As the rain and wind steady increased I was much relieved that we were on "da good side" of the island and it blocked most of the wind. It was only after the Eye passed over us, that the wind began hitting us on the stern(the backside), but it wasn't too bad a ride at all. For me, Katrina was much worse. Even though the winds I experienced from Katrina were not as strong, my location during her, wasn't protected from the wind and waves, so I really took a beating. I was alone on the boat during Katrina and was getting pounded by waves and wind and actually feared loosing the boat. This time wasn't near as bad and I had wonderful company. It was sure nice to have young David, my tankerman on board with me. He is an intelligent level-headed sorta guy, and I didn't hafta worry 'bout him freakin' out when da wind started to howl, and howl it did. I heard a boat nearby say the wind was sustaining 86 mph, but felt certain it was gusting well over 100 mph. We sat safe and sound behind the island and our only minor complaint is that when it finally quit raining, the boat was covered with cypress needles leaves, small branches and mold. It took us the better part of the day to scrub her back to ship-shape. When Peggy picked me up Thursday evening after it was all over, it was all I could do to hide the tears of relief and joy that we were safe and together again.

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