Pickin' Up Da Pieces

We got home Thursday afternoon around 5pm. Peggy drove from Alexandria, Louisiana, where she had sheltered from Gustav with family, to Belle River La. and rescued me off'n da boat. We are very thankful, and happy to say the electricity got home an hour before we did.
The yard is all messed up, and after spending all day yesterday trying to put it to rights, we barely scratched the surface. Please be patient with us and we will both tell yall our stories of riding out the latest hurricane. We are very busy trying to get our house and yard back to normal and it may take a few days til we can sit down and blog. Till then, know we are safe and happy and thankful and sweating our butts off in da yard. Speaking for myself, I'm impatiently waiting for them to lift the alcohol ban so I can get a good cold beer.
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