The ol' mailbox out by the road has been bulging with catalogs, but sifting through them I get to find treasures like these. Grandbabies!! They look even sweeter than they did when we left them last week. Zachary looks just exactly like his Dad, Joe did when he was little. Ashley is a beautiful little girl, and the baby looks like her pretty Mom...she's "little Jessica".Some of Cappy's oldest and dearest friends. I'm still in shock at the sight of Owen and Patrick in their Marine uniforms. BAW!! They look like handsome men already, not the teenagers that they were when we last saw them. And look at the proud Momma and Daddy :-)

Cappy's cousin Ainslie with her beautiful family. Their cards just get better and better each year. All I could say when I saw this year's mailing was, "WOW!" Macy looks like a model, and Reece looks so sweet and handsome as ever. And I've never seen Brad or Ainslie take a bad picture ever. They always look great.

Another part of Cappy's family includes Matt and Bernie. I didn't get to see their new baby, but migosh, he looks huge already! The little guy I did see still looks like a sweetie pie. I'll bet his running around is giving his parents fits about now. My Mom always told me to enjoy them while they were little. I tried remembering that when they were going through their terrible two's and three's. Now when I look at this happy little family, it makes me wish I could still put my sweet little "Gruntsy" or my Sookie, or Joe, or Thom on my lap. (they gonna kill me for saying that, especially Dan)

Cappy's cousin Meli took pictures of her kids and her playing in the snow. (I think that's her, too...I can't make the pictures bigger...it'll only save as a bitmap) When we had snow last week, it appears that they got wayyyyy more than we did here in our town.

They handled that snow like a regular ol' Yankee family from upstate New York. LOOK at the size of that thing they are rolling...yow!
And I'm proud of Cappy. In the mailbox yesterday, I found this certificate for him being the local Knights of Columbus knight of the month. Although he's a member, he hardly ever gets to attend, due to his work schedule conflicts. His heart is always with them, tho. When I told him about receiving the honor, he was truly touched, said he didn't know what in the world he could have done to deserve such a privilege. Then in true Cappy humility, he said that they must have run out of candidates to be scraping the bottom of the barrel like that. I told him they weren't scraping the bottom of any ol' barrel, and that we are gonna have it framed! (I covered over his name for discretionary purposes.)Knowing him, how modest he is about such things, he'll probably be embarrassed that I put this on our Blog. It's part of our 'world' so it's going on here; it's for you to know, and for him to find out...(when he gets off the boat).
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