Pegody's Christmas Present

I guess I did have the Christmas Blues after all. Not that I'd forgotten all the fun Cappy and I had with the kids and grandbabies in western NY, having had our Christmas with them,
or the fun of stuffing stockings and taking them and gifts to the guys on Cappy's boat. It's just that the prospect of spending another Christmas by myself, when I'd promised myself year after year that it wasn't going to happen again, was just too depressing. Although I'd had Christmas with the kids and Christmas at home with Cappy, I knew what day "Christmas" was; the day everybody else was celebrating; even Cappy and his crew out there on the boat. Greedy me; I wanted another Christmas. I didn't want any more presents for Pete's sake...I got spoiled this year, but the thing I wanted most of all with my whole heart was to not be alone again on that particular day. I guess I misunderstood a few things around here. I thought I'd distinctly heard a couple of times that Christmas in our town was strictly for family, but that didn't include friends. Family only. I'd tried to "horn in" before unsuccessfully in years past. Now I could have, but I didn't want to drive a hundred miles or more away to be with Cappy's family. (After the drive up north and back, I was kinda tired of road tripping for awhile.) Soooo, I thought I'd tough it out again this year, just me and my dawgs. Christmas Eve, I ran across the street to take Sonia and Jude their gifts, and when they learned I was going to be by myself, said to be sure to come over Christmas day Night, because their family were going to be getting together for food and fireworks. That sounded GREAT!

I had gifts for my friend Melissa and her family, so called her, and I guess I sounded so pathetic that she told me to come on over Christmas morning, but that they were going to be leaving to go to her cousin's house around noon. I was thrilled; I'd have a family to be with while they opened their gifts ON Christmas day. When I got there, Melissa met me with a big warm hug and a smooch on the cheek, and gently told me, "This is from Sookie", my daughter, who had called her from snowy western NY to ask her that favor. Well, then I hadda bawl. A kiss and hug from my daughter delivered by my friend, Melissa, could the day get any better.
I got to watch her family open their gifts. Melissa said that if I was going to Blog about this, to be sure to mention that so many people had contributed to their Christmas this year with gifts for her grandson, Little David. (Regular readers will remember that Melissa lost her son, David in a car accident, leaving Little David for the family to raise.) What a joy to see all the wonderful things he got to open! Clothes and toys...he was so excited, and so were we. I don't know who the folks are who brought him all these things, but they have great taste in picking out clothes and gifts for little boys. I was about to leave when they said that I could go with them to their cousin's, but I opted out, thinking that there was still a slim chance I could go visit Cappy for a bit wherever his boat might be. I sure wouldn't want to miss that opportunity.
Alas, it was not to be, but Sookie called and I got to talk with son Thom, who was with her, then later in the day, Foy, our friend from North Carolina called to say "hi". Now that was very nice. We had intended to visit with him and his lovely wife, Brenda on our way back from NY this last time, but time didn't permit. Rats.
Later when it got dark, I heard hissing and booming and loud reports going off, so went across the street and took a few pictures of neighbors gathered around a bonfire, setting off gorgeous fireworks. When people began to go inside, one of them whispered to Miss Mary, with whom I was visiting, whereupon she got up and began walking toward the house. I asked Miss Mary where the crowd was going and she said, "Oh, they said we are going to be opening presents". Since the information had been whispered to her, I took it to mean (from past experiences) family only, so excused myself and made a discreet exit.
I had, had a full and wonderful day, so got into my nighty and got into bed early. I slept like a LOG and woke up the next morning at 11(!!) to the sound of the dogs barking, letting me know Sonia was at the door. She and I were both shocked that I had still been asleep. She asked, "Where did you go last night?? I almost came over at ten o'clock, but saw the house was all dark. Here...we got you these gifts". Awwwww. She had a plaque made special for us, and her sister had given us a lovely Christmas rug. Sighhh...you know what? One of these days I'm gonna get it right. Past experiences often cause me to misunderstand the present. I love that old saying, "Yesterday's a history, the future is a mystery, today is a gift; that's why it's called the Present".

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