Makin' BBQ and Boudin

Yesterday afternoon I was struck with a thought; why not make some boudin? For those who don't know, boudin is kinda like a sausage. It's made of pork meat, ground liver, Cajun spices and rice, kinda like a "dirty rice mix" in a sausage casing. A phone call to my friend Sam, a trip to a butcher shop and a plan was hatched. Today Sam came over bringing the casing, very, very good deer sausage that he had made and brought for us to put on the bbq pit, and some frozen catfish for Pegody to enjoy while I'm back on the boat. In a flash of brilliance, Sam and I decided to call another friend, Todd and had him come over to join the doings. We had a grand old time! Watch the slideshow and join us. If it don't make ya mouth water then you aint Cajun.


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