All's Not Lost

Well, dang, I was going to put a quick garden update on here with photos of how it's going so far. Our friend, "dhubb" aka David from Mobile, Alabama has taken the idea of square foot gardening and run away with it. He's got several gardens which are doing just great and has the PHOTOS to prove it. I've taken lots of pictures of our garden, from the begining planting 'til yesterday, but when I went to take the pictures off the camera and load them onto the 'compuker', I see that I've got several drives missing, and one of them is the one I use for my camera. Wha??? Now what? Just in time for Cappy to get home and in the middle of everything else that we've got going on, to have to mess with this. Now I'm wondering if I didn't do some mischief the other day while talking with the DELL 'geek' about another problem I was having. I don't think I've tried to upload...or is it download...I get those two mixed up and don't try learnin' me...I'm just too blonduh. What I meant was that I don't think I've tried messing with my camera since then, sooo....
Speaking of the garden, Cappy's concerned about the okra again this year because, even tho the plants are almost as tall as I am...which really isn't all that tall...but still, the okras should be having those beautiful flowers by now. We dunno...things just seem amiss this year. Things just don't seem normal. I've heard other gardeners talk about the lack of honey bees this year and I think they are right. Hey! Where'sss the BEES??? I haven't seen any in quite awhile, that being the last time I mowed; about three weeks ago, before our young neighbor, Brett started mowing for us again. When I mowed, tho, I only noticed a couple of honey bees circling the clovers. Because of that, I winced as I mowed them down. Some of the 'ol guys on the local town Forum have mentioned that the pollinating job seems to have been taken over by wasps. Now that's really strange, isn't it...or is it? We are getting enough yellow crookneck squash, tho, and cayenne peppers. The cucumbers are covered in yellow flowers, but the produce is very slack and pulpy. We are also in the midst of a drought here in South Louisiana. Yesterday the weather 'peeps' said we are already 9" below in rainfall totals compared to what we should have already gotten. Hey! Spring is when they make bayous around here; we need the rain! I water the gardens and flowers most every night, but I've also heard on the news that in some local areas they are starting to call for a watering ban. NoT good. This morning the weather services issued a severe weather alert. The heat index was supposed to reach into the 100's today and this evening, so people were advised to stay inside if at all possible. Ohhh, it's possible. Would you believe that we are still working on the kitchen??? I'm spackling and wallpapering, cross and crabby to poor Cappy who only wants updates to hear how it's going. I did managed to install a new old-fashioned dark red wall phone. So now I've been strutting around the house about that one... putting off the inevitable climb up the little orange ladder with the danged spackle spatula again. I'll be glad when this is all over and completed; it makes me feel like I'm losing my marbles. If you find any; they're mine!
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