Miss Willie-Mae's Meet, Greet & Eat

Last Wednesday evening, our dear ball of energy, fun-loving friend, Miss Willie-Mae had a get together at her house for everyone to get to know Peter, a Vietnamese missionary Seminarian who is visiting our parish. There was quite a turnout, as you can see. I'll try to get all the names in order and go around the table counter clockwise. Front and center with her always present beautiful smile, is of course Miss Willie-Mae. To her right is Peter, the guest of honor, then Miss Eva, Miss Florida in the sunny orange blouse, and behind her is Joyce, whose name I always remember because of her joyful smile, then in the back is Jackie next to some strange white person, then Marian, then Miss Anita, Miss Catherine and Miss Imelda. Mr. Raymond is to the left of Miss Willie-Mae.

It was nice seeing them all again and visiting with them. Peter seemed to be having a great time and enjoying the Cajun food. Miss Willie Mae's son BBQ's the ribs to PERFECTION, but somehow escaped my camera, having left the party early for prior commitments. At least I got to tell him those ribs were "Goooooooood!" (I got a what I'd call a secret tip from Willie Mae about how her family bbq's, which I'm excited about and going to use from now on!!! ...an' I'ma goina keep it a secret for sure...sorry:) It was fun being part of such a warm and friendly group, who kept the laughs going.

Miss Willie Mae has a beautiful home, and so many lovely things to look at, that the last time I was there I hadn't even noticed the portrait of the Black Jesus over the fireplace. I absolutely love it.

The pretty (young) lady in the yellow tank top is Willie Mae's daughter, Kaye. It's obvious she's her mother's daughter...what a ball of fun she is! She kept us entertained and laughing the whole time while we waited for her mom to get home. She's standing with her daughter, Haven and Miss Catherine.
Then she bustled around the kitchen being the gracious co-hostess, making sure everyone was taken care of, before she got a bite of anything to eat. I sure did enjoy meeting her. She's every bit as classy and sassy as her mom.

I think Kaye must be a fantastic Mom, too, because I've seen her children before, Haven and Sean, and you've never met such sweet, polite, happy children as these...although they aren't so little. You'd never believe Kaye was the mother of kids this age...Plus, she has an older daughter, who looks more like her sister, than daughter. When I first met Kaye, I thought she was in her late teens or early twenties. Musta be nice ;-P
The icing on the cake, for me was when Jackie showed up. I hadn't seen her in awhile, and the last time I saw her she was having an health scare. I've been praying and praying for her for so long, and was thrilled to get to see her again. She's back to her bubbly happy self again! I got to see her, give her a hug. I hope to get to see more of everybody more often. It sure was fun, and I'd forgotten how much fun it had been and how much I'd missed everybody.

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