Spam Sammage

Recently our town's forum friends held their monthly gathering as they do, and decided to pick Spam as the menu choice. Now understand, this is a sleepy lil town deep in the heart of Cajun country, and you may be shocked that outa all the wonderful things to eat down here they picked Spam. It started kinda as a joke, gathered momentum, and in the spirit of "a Cajun can make anything taste good", they held their gathering with plenty to eat and drink, and, as we say in cajun country, "Dey passed a good time". I wasn't able to attend on accounta I was on da boat. When I told my first mate the story he said, "Shoots Cappy, Spam sammages sounds good to me for a night-time snack", so we went to makin' up us each a couple fried Spam sammages and kinda vicariously joined my forum friends, long distance. I had my sammages, on toast with 'sammage spread' and a couple spears of Peggy's dill pickles I had on board.
The first mate Darby, had his Spam on white bread with onion and tomato. We may not have been there at the party but we did pretty good for ourselves that night in the marsh, tied up a few miles north of Grand Isle. For those of you wondering, NO the fridge ain't dirty; it is rusty 'cause all da paint has been wiped off'n it from over-zealous deckhands scrubbing it. We have fresh paint ordered and will repaint it again (yes again) in a few days.
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