Oh bummer. One of our friends, a Mr. Bebe` says he can tell just from my writing, when Cappy is on the boat and when he's home. I guess I tend to be less peppy and upbeat. I hadn't really noticed. Mebbe so. I know I kinda hibernate more. I've got plenty-plenty to do...and a whole month to do it, but for some reason I let things drag on. Dang. At least the dogs don't mind. They are good company. We sympathize with one another. SparkyBear jumped off the back of Cappy's chair and hurt his back again and has been rather solemn about having to take meds and not being able to jump up on the couch to sit with me, as happened last time. His brother, MarkyBear's been good about 'hanging with me' wherever I go...outside or just in the house. He never went to doggy school like SparkyBear did, but still, he knows how to heel. I like his moral support (like Cappy likes SparkyBear's) because I've been 'gimping' around for more than two months now. I don't know what I did this time, but my right heel is so very painful. Two sets of ex-rays says it's not bone spurs. Soft, gel "boingy" heel thingys in my shoe isn't working either. The darned pain has forced me to be more sedentary than I was and boy, I feel the weight piling on by the hour. That aint helping my foot neither. Trying to keep busy and watching the television really, really can bring a person down, too. The whole woild is a mess.GAH!!! Cappy said when he gets home he'll drag out my beloved exercize equipment outa the shed for me. It's in there stacked behind huge gumbo pots and burners, yard contraptions, and what not. BAW!!! I just wanna have my heel all well like it was before. Poor MarkyBear, tho, he still limps all the time and has for years because of his squirrel versus MarkyBear war injury to his hip, but he's the sweetest guy. He actually smiles at me. I wonder what he's really thinking sometimes, when SparkyBear is sniffing around sadly and I'm down in the dumps.

Yeah, buddy, I know; it's a dawg's life.

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