A Chocolatey Blast From The Past

Only a kid from South Louisiana could understand my Joy to discover that this old childhood favorite had returned to it's original recipe. The Elmer's candy company, like everyone else from around here, had suffered from the hurricanes. In the process of "coming back", for some reason, they changed their recipe of this glorious little Easter candy. It broke my heart. It just wasn't the same; it tasted of wax, and was not as creamy and flavorful. Not the way I remembered it at all! Peggy and I went to the store last night and they had a box of individual Elmer's candy on display; kinda early for Easter, and even tho' Peggy was dubious, I went ahead and got a few of them. She reminded me how broken-hearted I had been last year and said because of that "waxy thing" they had become, I'd probably be disappointed again this year. I just couldn't wait to get home to try one, so even before Peggy had the SUV started, I opened one. As soon as I opened the wrapper, the wonderful familiar smell of the old days immediately wafted though the vehicle. As I bit into it, the beloved chocolate candy of my youth flooded my mouth. Da Real Deal had returned! If you folks from other parts of the country are not familiar with the Elmer's Candy company, I strongly recommend ya give 'em a try. Here is the link to my childhood, all time favorite chocolate company. Leave us a comment and let us know what ya think. For the first time in years, I'm looking forwards to the Easter Bunny again:-)

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