How do you read the bottom line of this sign? I guess I was tired or something, because the first thing I thought the sign said was...or sounded like was "heinie or hiney" shots. It took me a minute to figure out what it was really about, but I couldn't leave it at that, so we drove around the block so we could get this picture. For some reason, and I can't think of why, it made me remember a story about my Mom and sister, Lori. My Mom's car was having some problems, so she pulled it into a station to have it worked on while they waited and happened to have a good view of the mechanic. Lori buried her face in a comic book, while Mom continued watching the progress on her car. Under her breath Mom said, "Wow, he must have had some very serious surgery on his back". Lori, peered around her book to see how Mom would know something like that and asked, "How do you know??" Mom replied, "Well, gee, just look at that big scar on his back". Lori asked, "What scar??" Mom looked at Lori and asked, "Do you need your eyes examined? That big dark red gash right there on his back...it looks like a recent operation to me; it's still so dark red and angry looking". Lori slammed her comic book down in her lap and said, disgusted, "MOM." Mom asked, "What?" Lori shook her head at her mother and harshly whispered, "That's not his operation, that's his butt crack!" (Lori talks like that :-p) Mom took another good look and sure enough, that's what it was. She was so embarrassed that she sat there the rest of the time trying hard not to look at the guy's "operation" and trying to surpress loud laughs, but giggling so hard that she was in tears. And thereafter whether it be a plumber, mechanic, electrician, or anybody hapless enough to squat in front of Mom or us, it's always, "Oh migosh, their operation is showing!"
Maybe it's that we've been in a medical frame of mind of late because I just learned I have to go get one of those darned colonoscopy thingys done that Cappy had taken last year. I guess they put you to sleep for it now, but I had one done and was awake!!! It was awful. Maybe that's what I was thinking about.
More IMPORTANTLY, our good friend, Sam, has been in the hospital for the last week with a BAD infection in his arm. Because we love him so much, we've also given him a pain in the butt by pestering him, and asking nosy and annoying questions, as if he didn't have enough to worry about. (Cappy and I can be like that sometimes, darn it) But the good news is, is that he got out of the hospital today! He's going to be fine and before we know it, he'll be smoking up his neighborhood again with all kinds of wonderful things in his smoker. Soooo he's out, he's freeee. No more operations, no more open gowns in the back, no more shots. (I wonder if they gave him one of those HINI shots....nope, am NOT goina ask. And his arm was all bandaged, too, because of the surgery, but we aren't gonna ask to see his operation either. We're just going to let the poor man finish recouperating in peace.)
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