We Have a CHANNEL??

This week is chocked full of family birthdays. Yesterday was Cappy's neice, Blythe's birthday, and today was her Mom's (Cappy's sister, Maria's) birthday. Today was also granddaughter Ashley's birthday. AND Thursday is granddaughter, Destiny's birthday. Hmmm...I hope I didn't forget anybody else.
Behind the scenes I've been trying to get some painting done because this is the perfect weather for it....before it gets HOT. The dawgs are going tomorrow to get their summer cuts, the day before their 'Dad' gets off the boat. He said he's not going to let me 'lollygag' in bed in the morning, like I have been (my sleep is still all broken and shredded like coleslaw cabbage...sigh...waaaah waaaaah waaaaah), which doesn't make for a very perky Pegody.
Cappy has plans for putting in another couple of square foot gardens in which we will plant asparagus and strawberries. The dogs love asparagus so much that we might have to put up netting to keep them out of the garden...seriously. Silly dawgs. I'm sure our dogs aren't the only ones who love raw salads, but it sure sounds weird to me.
Well, this is just a quick post, but I'm wondering if yall know about our cappyandpegody 'channel' over on youtube, where we have about 30 some videos. I'll put the link and hope it's going to work for you...if you are interested.
Cappy should be posting soon to let us know of this past month's adventures.
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