A Pain in the Neck

Well, I s'pose I should let yall know why I haven't been posting of late. Cappy calls it the new cabinet syndrome. Last August, I knelt down to pick up some shredded papers that the dawgs had delightfully made out of something or other, and when I stood up, I bashed the crown of my head smack onto the edge of the cupboard that's built in just over the kitchen wastebasket. I almost knocked myself out, seeing stars and wondered how I was still standing. I guess I have a hard head anyhow; when Cappy and I were in a car accident about 8 years ago, while the truck was rolling over and over, on the last roll, I broke out the side window with my head. I didn't lose consciousness at all, even tho' they had to use the jaws of life to cut me out of the truck. My Mom used to call me bull-headed because I can be stubborn, I guess, but mayhaps the term isn't all that off base, given the circumstances.
Sooo, when I had conked my head last summer, it bothered my neck some. I got over it. But, a couple of months ago, I banged my head on another low shelf in the bathroom, but this time I heard a definite crunch in my neck and it's been bothering me ever since. When I'm standing up, it's fairly ok, but when I'm exhausted and lie down to take a nap or try to sleep at night, that's when all 'hayo' breaks loose, so I get up, sit up straight on the couch and try sleeping that way. I went to the dr. and got an anti-inflamatory, after a standing ex-ray, and he said it was just a touch of arthritis. (I thought I should have been lying down to show him what happens when I do that; to get a more accurate ex-ray of the injury, but he said nope.) I'm still having problems sleeping, and thus not feeling as though I could do this blog any justice by anything I posted.
In the interim, Cappy's cousin Suzy has a blog where she writes wonderful thoughts and recipes and has gorgeous photos. She's amazingly talented in so many ways. She loves to cook and garden, so the name of her blog is Kitchen Bouquet. She has a gazillion readers and subscribers. Here is her link, if you are interested. http://kitchenbouquet.blogspot.com/
I know you'll love it. I just hope you don't get so hooked on cousin Suzy that you forget about us! (:-p) You can always get the link at the top of our blog that will let you know when we post anything new.
Meanwhile, I'm goina contact that dr. to see what else we can do. Mebbe a pair of longer legs. Or higher shelves....but right now I keep hearing that darned Randy Newman song running through my head about 'Short People'.
While I'm 'getting my head back on straight', I'm not gonna let this get me down; I'm going to keep looking up...for SO many reasons.
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